98 1.25 ignition locks - ast3000
hi, im new to this forum and quite new to repairing cars.
I have had a new door lock fitted to the drivers side and got a whole set of spares ignition key barrel ,door lock, petrol cap etc from and old scrap car. THis means i have 2 keys. This may be a stupid question But if i am changing the ignition key barrel is it as simple as changing the door lock or is it more complicated. would it be just be a case of taking out the old key barrel then putting the new one in.

Thanks in advance

98 1.25 ignition locks - mfarrow
Take the shroud off by the three screws underneath the column.

Remove the retaining screw and connector on the immobiliser tranciever, then remove the transceiver.

Turn the key to position I, then insert a screwdriver into the detent on the top of the cylinder, and pull the cylinder out.

Installation is the reserval of removal as they say.

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