2005 2.0 Corroded wiring loom - Kevin Bailey
The engine management light came on on my FR-V and the dealer says one of the wires in the wiring loom has corroded and it all needs to be replaced as well as the engine temp sensor. Even though its out of warranty, Honda have offered to meet a large part of the cost (it was very large). I'd like to know if anyone else has had this problem and whether its right that a car should have a very long anti corrosion warranty and then have the wiring rot after little over 3 years. Did I have a faulty loom in the first place? (I dont live by the sea).
2005 2.0 Corroded wiring loom - eastenddoy
you had a faulty loom when they fitted it it must of got traped a quick tug and bobs your uncle a nick in the loom

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