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Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - LinuxGeek
We're expecting our first baby in few months time and my Mrs wants me to have a decent family car and I quite like Accord and BMW 3 series. Ideally looking at diesel models. Budget is between 4 to 5k.
My main requirement is car has to be as reliable as possible.
Out of the 2 what would you guys suggest? I know with this budget I won't be getting the latest shaped BMW but I quite like the previous shape.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - adverse camber
3 series is pretty small. Can you get a baby seat in the back ok? They do take a surprising amount of space.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - LinuxGeek
I'm not sure, I guess someone here who has a BMW 3 series could answer that question?
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - daveyjp
If you are looking at saloon version consider the practicality over a hatch/estate.

Some of the gear required for children isn't a regular shape - I know we have moved things over the last three years which wouldn't have fitted in a saloon boot. High chair being one example.

The 3 series will be more than large enough when in the group 0 seat, once you get to group 1 the external size of the car bears no relation to the internal dimensions. Our Aygo has more legroom for our daughter than my A3.

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Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - adverse camber
fair enough - I couldnt get a group zero seat behind me in an A4 and I remember the 3 as having even less rear space.

I agree about getting an estate.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - ijws15
Reliability -> Honda

No question.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - daveyjp
"I couldnt get a group zero seat behind me in an A4 "

I assume you mean behind the drvier's seat? If the driver is tall this could be the case on a lot of cars. With one child it's not a problem as you can put the baby behind the passenger seat. With two or more it could be a problem.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Alanovich
Maybe unintended, but your handle suggests a liking for Mazdas. Either way, have you not considered a Mazda 6? Reputedly very reliable, and very practical for child car seats with a very big boot on the hatch and estate versions.

I pick up and drop off at a nursery every day and I often see people struggling to get children in the back of BMW 3s, even the 4 door models. The number of people who persist with their "sporty" 3 door cars also surprises me - I don't know how they put up with it when the children are too small to get themsleves in and out.

Of the two you are considering, I'd imagine the Accord is a much more spacious proposition. Children hate to feel confined (well, mine do), so get as much legroom and as much feeling of space as possible, it'll help minimise the inevitable whinging/crying/wriggling. Also make sure they can see out of the window, sometimes the bottom of the rear door window is far too high for little'uns and they love to have a good view of proceedings whilst being driven.

Good luck with the birth, and getting used to your new routines. It's hard, but rewarding.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - LinuxGeek
Thanks guys, seems like I should convince my Mrs BMW 3 series isn't a practical choice.
Alanovich I love the looks of Mazda6 and I currently have Mazda 323 and its diesel and touchwood so far its been bullet proof.
But I've heard some horror stories about Mazda6 diesels on here, that's why I wasn't really considering about one.
But if I could get some feedback from people who've it on this forum, with what's good/bad I'll really appreciate it.
I guess a big hatchback boot would be much more pratcical than a saloon one?
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Nomag
MazMan we had our first child in April last year and I would strongly consider and estate or hatchback if practicality is important. I would actually think you have more space in your 323 than a 3 series.
We have an Octavia estate which fits the bill but even that we can readily fill for longer periods away, although i have a feeling you will always fill the space you have. It's certainly easier to get pushchairs etc in and out of an estate or large hatch - I know as I used to have a Seat Toledo saloon - huge boot but relatively small opening and very impractical for such things.
We are getting an S-Max this into that what you will re. space requirements (and to think my dad had a 3 door Golf Mk II with three of us when I was younger!)
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - madux
(and to think my dad had a 3 door Golf Mk II with three of
us when I was younger!)

Luxury! I have vague memories of a trip to Hamburg in the early sixties.
I must have been 3 or 4. My elder brother was a year older than me. My younger brother was a babe in arms.
Yes, five of us in an MG Midget.
(Without a boot rack)
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Pat L
I'm sure we've discussed the 'space issue' before - i.e how we somehow need much larger cars than our parents did. My wife's family used to go on holiday from Birmingham to Cornwall, mum, dad, swmbo, sister and grandma, all in an Austin A40! Not much bigger than an original mini (if at all). Yet here we are now needing an Espace-sized vehicle (breeder wagon as JC call them) from the conception. :)
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Alanovich
We never had to install huge and bulky child seats in them thar days, and perhaps get a third person in the back seat occasionally if you have two dustbin lids. That is just about impossible in most non-MPVs, and even in some MPVs.

We used to go on holiday in Dad's (pale dog turd coloured) Reliant Regal. Mum, Dad, two children and a labrador/boxer cross, all the way from Windsor to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. I used to love it.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Nomag
Yes - the big problem with passenger space is the seats which are bulky. Also most "regular" cars are now really 2+1/2 in the back seat due to the seat contouring and almost standard installation of armrests.
When my parents or in-laws visit we take one car but 4 adults + 10 month old is becoming quite a squash especially as one of the back seat passengers takes the middle "1/2" seat and has to contend with the edges of the infant seat.
With number 2 not far off we feel the need for something with 3 full width seats in the back, and unfortunately that means an MPV like it or not.
As an baby I was jammed between the front passenger seat and rear seat back in my carrycot - in fact my wife survived a serious accident as a baby with a similar arrangement being carried in the back of her father's Ro80, although he used to remove the rear seat backrest to aid front passenger space!
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - madux
Volvo 940 Estate was not big enough for me, my ex and the dog for a week in Cornwall.
Mind you, it was a big dog. And she had, ooh I dunno, at least 27 suitcases.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - rtj70
New Mazda 2.2 diesels imminent.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Bill Payer
Ideally looking at diesel models. Budget is between 4 to 5k.
My main requirement is car has to be as reliable as possible.

Why diesel? If you're looking at older cars then a diesel may have done a huge mileage, although it does amaze me that you get the odd very low mileage diesel.

Obviously most cars are generally reliable but if you have problems with an older diesel then they can be tricky to diagnose and some parts, especially the high pressure fuel pump and the turbo, can be pretty expensive.

Real world fuel economy often isn't hugely different unless your doing long steady runs. Accord diesels are very hit and miss for economy.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - rtj70
BP is right. If mine was not a company car my selection criteria would have been different....

.. but I do like the Mazda6 (previous model on a 57 plate).. I'd have gone for a 2.0 petrol or 2.3 Sport petrol. Depends on personal mileage.

Try one? Diesels are powerful, smooth and refined but there are some DPF issues if you driving does not suit.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - catsdad
I have an Accord Diesel saloon and my car before that was an 02 BMW3 petrol saloon. I prefer the Accord for space, comfort, solidity and kit. If you hanker for the BMW bear in mind that the 318 petrol is pretty economical (40mpg was my regular average) and you may get a better overall deal on that petrol model rather than a diesel. However, with a new baby on way, the clincher for me wouild be boot space. Neither boot is great in the saloon models (have you seen the size of even folded pushchairs these days?) and the BMW tourer boot is small. It would have to be an Accord estate in my opinion - or a proper estate or midi MPV from another maker.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Lygonos
I got the wife a CR-V (05 plate) after our first child - it gobbles up all the parphernalia and isn't that bad a drive.

I'm well over 6ft tall and it is so nice not needing to stoop to load the wee ones (still have it and now 2 bairns).

The new one is reputedly a 'more car-like' drive, and I believe the early diesel engine problem has been sorted.

Try one before you dismiss out of hand.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - LinuxGeek
I've got couple more questions. Are there any known issues with Honda diesel engine? I guess my budget would allow me to get one of the first generation (I believe Honda has got new diesel engine in new Accord).
I'm also considering Mazda6 as an alternative, mainly due to the fact that its hatchback practicality.
If I decide to go to petrol car which one would be better out of the two? I guess petrol engines in both cars would be equally reliable but I guess there are other factors to consider?
How reliable are Mazda6 diesels? There are quite a few within in my budget on autotrader so not sure what would be the best choice for me.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - ijws15
My Accord Tourer did 125k or so over 4 years up to last April when it got changed.

There are posts on here detailing the issues we had - insignificant really and nothing with the engine.

There are still a number of them (>10) on the company fleet and no significant issues with any of them.

I would have another if it wasn't for the car scheme and tax costs - company car.

The 2.0 petrol Honda is nowhere near as nice a drive as the 2.2d, you would need the V6 petrol to match it and it is thirsty.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Collos25
I have just got rid of a Honda accord estate executive 2.2d 100k and all I can say is that it was a superb car it had every toy you could imagine massive inside a different class to to 3 series.I did not like the over complicated touch screen for the heating/ac I think that would be my only complaint it averaged 43mph over my ownership,Its up for sale at @£5300 I think.
I have bought a Jaguar x type estate 2.0d it is much smaller but better performance much more on a par with a 3 series.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - LinuxGeek
Just wanted to update you guys.
Went to Car Giant yesterday and looked at Accord, Mazda6, Avensis and Passat. Got the key for an Accord diesel, its spacious, the interior seems really well built, its got massive boot and the engine was quiet for a diesel even with cold start!
Seems like that's the one I'll be searching for and hopefully would find a good one within my range. I think the Car Giant place is quite overpriced!
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - Alanovich
I bought a Mazda 6 at cargiant last week and was more than happy with the price. It has relatively low miles though, and I do think they charge a bit too much for higher mileage stuff.

One point to consider: the folks there were telling me I'd bought at a good time as they expect prices to increase next month. Due to a shortage of used cars coming through they are having to pay higher prices themselves.

Good luck.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - barneybear
Given your budget I would go for newer, but less prestige. I'd prefer the Mazda or Honda over the BMW, but I would prefer a newer Ford/Renault/Pug for the same money. Originally had Escort with baby number 1 which was okay. then Orion - which actually had more boot space and wide opening. We always took along our pram to check how easy it was to load in. Then Escort Estate and that was it - hooked to estates for ever (by now 3 kids). Whan 4 and 5 arrived got Zafira and now Espace grand version. But I drive Megan Tourer for work which has huge load area, good 1.9Cdi giving good mpg etc. Rear leg room is excellent and view out of windows is good too. isofix seats makes kid seat installation a breeze too. Your life completly changes when kids come along - very much for the better - enjoy.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - cattleman6
The Honda Accord is an outstanding car. Superb quality.
Accord 2.2CTDi vs BMW 320d - CJay{P}
The Honda Accord is an outstanding car. Superb quality.

True. In reality the UK Accord is the ACCURA TX in North America. No wonder the build quality is top notch.

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