Crash, advice needed!!! - rich_zs01
1st of all ive read through many posts using search button (even though am still a newbie!) and wanted some good advice if possible..
set off from a set of traffic lights on a round about with a transit van on the inside of me (left hand lane) and i wanted to go straight forward as it went onto a dual carriage way with 2 lanes exiting the roundabout.. i set off and as i indicated left to go up the slip (there was a road to the left before the exit which had traffic lights too but no exit off roundabout and dont know if he came thru on red as never noticed him when i was stopped at the lights)road the transit van decided to go past the exit to carry on round the roundabout at this point his wheel and bumper destroyed my door and wing and wheel, at aprox 15mph..i pulled over as did he and he was like are you ok, i said yeah but my car isnt, asked if any damage to his flat bedded transit and he said no just a mark on the bumper..i passed on my details as did he, now just recieved a letter from his insurance saying they want to get in touch with my insurers due to uninsured losses for him! this happend on the 21st jan and as he said he was fine and no damage iv made in roads into getting my car sorted privately as didnt want the hassle but now this. Any ideas on what happens now or what to say?
just heard back from the insurance company saying it will probably be 50/ 3rd party fire and theft so what would i have to pay for if this is the case and what would i have to pay for if 100% my fault? thanks in advance (i have tried looking on google earth etc but cant seem to work out where id come from)
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First of all, my sympathies. Often the hassle involved in sorting out this kind of thing seems as bad as the accident itself.

I'm not sure, even after reading your post a couple of times, if you have actually informed your insurance company of the incident. You must do so, I'm afraid, even if you are intending to sort out your vehicle's damage yourself.

If a claim is made by the other driver's insurance company it will be a third party claim for the damage to his vehicle; you pay nothing - it's what your insurance is for. It makes no difference whether the blame is 50/50 or 100% yours. However, without comprehensive cover you cannot claim for your own damage. You will lose any no-claims bonus and may well find your premiums are increased unless you can establish you were blameless.

I've no thoughts on how easy that would be - perhaps other BRers will advise. (Witnesses?) I know it's galling to have the other driver say there was no damage to his vehicle (no witnesses of that, I suppose?) and then he changes his story later. As for his "uninsured losses" - his own no-claims bonus, perhaps? Or is he TPFT also and has genuinely discovered damage?

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Crash, advice needed!!! - rich_zs01
thanks for replying first of all, put my mind at rest knowing that worst scenario is i pay my excess and thats it right?
the only witness from my point of view is my girlfriend, my 3 concerns are that
1. my girlfriend/ map reader (lol) said he wasnt next to us at the traffic lights which leads me to believe he came through the red light to the left of us and he was in a 3 vehicle convoy but it took a few mins for his colleagues to be there due to the lights.
2. he left skid marks on the road when he had hit us but i was only just changing into 2nd gear and he was in a works company fully laden transit..speed?
3. wen i asked him at the time whih roundabout we were on he didnt have a clue and neither did i.
I have informed my insurers as information only but only yesterday, i have protected no claims and never in my life made a claim.. i can fix the car myself and have got a door, wing and wheel for a bargain of £110 in the correct colour but if it went to a body shop it would cost a fortune just in labour!
Of course all this could be down to his employer taking it further and him not daring to be 100% honest..!

Any help or views are gratefully recieved, i have tried looking on google earth etc but cant work out exact locations

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I'm afraid without an independant witness, you're up wotsit creek without a paddle.

I've secondhand experience of this sort of thing.

You were changing lane?

I think you'll find the insurer's will do a 'knock for knock'.
Crash, advice needed!!! - rich_zs01
as for changing lanes i signalled left to go up the slip road and the transit was in the left hand lane continuing on round to the next exit-surely this was the wrong lane unless he had come through the red light to my immediate left and was trying to go straight on.
Crash, advice needed!!! - rich_zs01
yep no independant witnesses, it was 4.30pm and not 1 person stopped !
the thing i really dont understand is why would he try claim when there was no damage to his van (or very little as he admitted) and my car in the light of an insurance claim will need a new wheel, a new wing, a new door, a new bumper and a new door mirror! just worried that he is trying to do me for something else..
but am pleased that worst scenario is i pay my excesss
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And (maybe) increased insurance premiums for a while? Bad luck for you. I don't quite see what Mr Transit is claiming for. Did you take any photos? I have a cheap single use camera in my car for just this eventuality

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I can sympathise with this predicament as well. You were trying to navigate through a strange junction. That entails looking at signs, trying to read the road layout, find the correct oh yes and watch for traffic. It isn't easy.
The biggest problem are the 'locals' who know the area and layout and who's mission is to get from A to B with the minimum disruption. There is little tolerance to what they perceive to someone 'dithering' or looking to change lane at the last minute.
Without independent witnesses you are probably stuffed. Inform your insurers ASAP. You should have done this at the time as 'information only' for your own protection. Regularly stiff necks and the compensation culture set in after the event despite gentleman's agreements.
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I'd have thought that he is trying it on for "loss of earnings" whilst the supposed damage was fixed.

If he came up the inside of you and tried to bully his way past I'd say the chances are it was his fault... I had a guy do that and knocked me off my motorbike... he got done for it.

Can you give us a link on Google Maps so we can see the roundabout?

In the mean time just say that you are not responsible as he cut you up... as others have said its probably going to be 50/50 - your word against his...
Crash, advice needed!!! - rich_zs01
Sorry, just to add i was the first car at the traffic lights and no transit was next to me to my knowledge, he never signalled and its my belief that he came from the left through a red light as the whole roundabout was traffic lit and his were at red. the link offf of google i cant post but its the a19 where it joins the A/M 194 round about.
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Rich, whatever the outcome in this case there is a lesson to be learned here.
I would not have attempted to take that exit with a vehicle on my inside even if that vehicle were indicating left.
I have seen too many people indicating left and going right, or indicating right and going left.
Unless you are completely sure where the other vehicle is going, meaning he has started to turn, it is better to lose a little time and go around the roundabout again.

Roundabouts with lanes marked on them can be tricky too as many drivers drift across from one lane to the next.
I tend to hang back a few feet to give room for evasive action if this happens - try never to go round alongside another vehicle.

Sorry if this is not much help on this occasion. It may well be that the accident was not at all your fault but, as they say, pink fluffy dice happens. Happens to all of us sooner or later.

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