05 1.6 Fuel system cleaner treatment - Nobbler
The dealer from whom we bought the used-vehicle is recommending we keep up with the 6 monthly fuel system cleaner treatment at 12.99/time. Is it worth it?
05 1.6 Fuel system cleaner treatment - Woodspeed
Some people will say yes, others like me no. Most of these liquid treatments for all sorts of things are really snake oil. And dealers make a very big mark up on them (but then given how little they make on a car they have to make it up somewhere!)
When injectors get very dirty (not so much now with better fuels = less sulpher) the only way to clean them is to remove and back flush (needs a special machine)
If you must use a "cleaner" try the Halford shelf for around £6 a pop.
05 1.6 Fuel system cleaner treatment - mjm
I would just use a branded fuel, Shell, BP, whatever. If it is a couple of pence a litre dearer then it will still be a long time before you have spent £12,99 extra.