Speed Workshops - Paul Robinson
I'm sure this must be on the site, but I did a search without success - what are the criteria to qualify to attend a workshop instead of a fixed penalty?
Speed Workshops - stunorthants26
First offense and in a 30 zone for instance, up to 39 mph. My misses was told that if she didnt have another speeding conviction in the next 3 years, she would be offered the course again.
Speed Workshops - rtj70
It also depends on the force involved. Some do this and some do not.
Speed Workshops - Nsar
My wife has been on two courses about 6 months apart, one from Lancs (done in Gtr Manchester), the other GMP.

Speed Workshops - grumpyscot
My wife has been on two courses about 6 months apart one from Lancs (done
in Gtr Manchester) the other GMP.

Obviously didn't learn much from the first course then!
Speed Workshops - Paul Robinson
The Force is Warwickshire, who do do courses. 35 in a 30, no current points.
Speed Workshops - Dwight Van Driver

Speed Workshops - Armitage Shanks {p}
You have to be offered one - 36 in a 30 and I wasn't, but that was North Wales and we all know what they are like! BTW, times have changed - the Police are now a Service not a Force

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Speed Workshops - ijws15
Have done one in Warwickshire (2006) - had 3 points at the time. I think the limit was three.

Criteria were 35 in 30 of 46 in 40. Any more and you get ticket.

You cannot do another course for three years.