02 1.6 all lights flicker slightly on idle - shafto64
i have a 1.6 2002 focus zetec

Apart from the fact my speed sensor seems duff, drivers window jammed shut, and lambda sensor(pre-cat) needs replacing. and now the Clutch master cylinder has a very small leak....great!

i have a problem where when the car is at normal idle speed it is not exactly smooth and the lights, both interior and exterior have an occasional slight flicker like you would get if idle was too low. rev counter says it idles at around 800.

it would seem that this pink fluffy dice ford has now got all the common faults rolled into one.

Can't wait to finally get it all fixed or give it a viking funeral!

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02 1.6 all lights flicker slightly on idle - Peter.N.
Sounds like an alternator problem. Connect a voltmeter across the battery, you should have near enough 14 volts with the engine running at tickover, my guess is that the voltage is dropping well below that, only attianing 14v at higher revs.