rust around the rear wiper blade - rusty21
Rust has appeared on the tailgate of my Ford KA around the rear wiper blade housing, and the surrounding paintwork has started to bubble up and flake off. (Rust is also a problem on the door sills, but I will worry about that later)

Worryingly, when I peel back the rubber sheath between tailgate and wiper blade housing, I notice the blade is coming away from the bodywork. Water is getting in and I fear the blade housing might one day fall off.

Can anyone recommend what I should do now? Is there a good filler material on the market which can make a good job of covering the rust hole and preventing further damage? Is it worth me giving it a go myself?

I was thinking that a larger diameter rubber sheath may be an option, to cover the affected area. Cheating, I know, but atleast I wouldn't have to be reminded of the rust problem every time I walk up to the car. Does anyone know if larger diameter rubber sheaths are available, and where I can source one?

And how should I go about touching up the paintwork? I have tried to use a little brush supplied with a tube of touch-up paint supplied by Ford, but the result looks terrible. Can rust patches ever be touched in professionally, without resorting to respraying the whole tailgate?

My Ford was registered in 2003 and I have been back to a Ford dealer, but they say that to qualify for the rust (or perforation?) warranty, I need to have my log book stamped by a Ford approved dealer, not only on the page where annual services are logged, but on the paintwork page at the rear of the manual.... which it has not been. Very annoying.

Over to you guys, and thanks in advance for any advice.
rust around the rear wiper blade - tyro
My Ford Ka was also registered in 2003, and, coincidentally has also got rust problems. OK, maybe it's not a coincidence. :-(

Every single service has been done by a Ford dealer, but there was not a single stamp on the Body and Paint Record page in the Service History Log. (This was something that I didn't notice until the rust problem surfaced.)

SO - I complained to the Service Manager at the dealership. He told me that the checks would probably have been done, but just not stamped in the book. He also told me that they had records which would be able to confirm this, and that he would get the records looked out, but that it would take a few days. He did this, and was able to find evidence for the check actually having taken place from 2005 to 2008. The book was stamped up, and a claim sent off to the Ford Warranty Deptarment. I am expecting to hear back from them in the next few days.

I don't know if this will be of any use to you, but it might be worth a try.
rust around the rear wiper blade - krs one
They aren't considered to be the modern equivalent of the original Mini for nothing.
rust around the rear wiper blade - TurboD
pursue with Ford, I had my old Escort repaired, a new rear quarter, at 5.5 years old. It had not been 'stamped' , they miss that on purpose. But the six year warranty was clear for body perforation, and the RAC agreed with me. Must have cost Ford a tidy sum, but Ford do make rotty cars,from my experience ,a great shame really.
But if you want solidarity buy a VW, again from my experience.
rust around the rear wiper blade - 1400ted
Referring back to Rusty's comment about fillers, I don't think you will make any long-lasting or professional job with fillers and rust killers. In my long experience of this 'black art', restoring a 50 rear old car, rust, particularly on the rubbish steels now used on most budget cars, once in the metal, will stay there and soon show itself again The only good repair is to cut away all the rusty metal and weld new in.....expensive I've seen this on many cars where the rear wiper has just flopped down in it's rusty hole. I've done a cheap repair for some owners with bangers by cutting a small sheet of alloy into an acceptable shape, cutting a ' spindle sized' hole and pop rivetting or self tapping it in place. Depends on the value of the car and the owners wishes, but it works.
rust around the rear wiper blade - L'escargot
Ford do make rotty cars ...........

I think anyone who makes a statement like that should produce conclusive evidence, which you haven't done.

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rust around the rear wiper blade - oilrag
The truth is out there.. kaka cough cough cough... ;-)

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rust around the rear wiper blade - lordwoody
When I was looking at older Ka's as a first car for my daughter all 3 I looked at had rust somewhere (I gave up on them after that and got a Yaris)
rust around the rear wiper blade - madf
To do agood job, you need careful dismantling and grinding away all rust. (I use a dremel type tool which works very well). Then cut some sheet steel to replace any missing bit, put it underneath the hole attach with some filler and then fill the hole from outside - after priming and rustproofing.

Leave any rust and it will just bubble again.

Probably a whole say job in a warm garage if you have everything to hand.
rust around the rear wiper blade - dnc1781
But if you want solidarity buy a VW again from my experience.

- Not in my experience!

Golf = rust under paint

1987D - around rear wiper spindle

1989F - around front and rear wiper spindles

1991J - around front wiper spindle

1994M - around tailgate handle
rust around the rear wiper blade - rusty21
Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of your comments and will try to pursue Ford once again.