computer virus caught from parking ticket - adverse camber
Interesting (for various values of interesting) article here:

Seems that they leave a fake parking violation on the car with a web address to see the details. OK this is in the states but what's the betting it will be on a high street near you soon?
computer virus caught from parking ticket - yorkiebar
but you computer experts can trace all that info from the link as easy as that?

but nobody can ever catch the people who run other scams and take money out of accounts?

either 1 story is correct or the other?
computer virus caught from parking ticket - adverse camber
which other scams in particular?

Most computer scams can be traced given the time and the willingness. Things fall down when you are dealing with stuff in multiple legal juristictions (us based name, hosted in china and paid for by an individual in russia using stolen credit card details from brasil) and deliberate anonymity - the distributed proxies etc.

Most of the scams taking money though depend on people being stupid enough to send the money through untraceable mechanisms (western union) or through chains of disposable handlers.
computer virus caught from parking ticket - adverse camber
to add, what I find interesting is the potential set up here.

Imagine an advert in the local paper - or free admag.

Wanted, part time, self employed parking monitors. ABC parking control ltd are looking for motivated self starters to work on our new contracts providing parking services to companies in your area.
tel 07123 122323

So the people are interviewed - potentially by phone, and get the job. All they have to do is take photos of badly parked cars in their area and apply a parking ticket to the car.

The owner sees the ticket and visits the web site to see the 'evidence' They then have the chance to pay online or whatever.

The owner and the ticketer have no reason not to think that this is a real operation.

Or say that you get a letter in the post claiming that on your recent visit to France you have tripped a speed camera? ~(someone records the numbers of cars coming off ferries)

It is making the scam more plausible. Of course the companies will turn out to not exist or be shells or whatever, but how many people will be caught in the meantime?