New DS - boxsterboy
Half asleep this morning I caught the fag-end of a news report on BBC TV news that Citroen were going to 'make the DS again'. Nothing on the Citroen web-site but I do remember seeing some scoop photos in a French car mag a year or so ago, which I dismissed as nationalistic overload on the part of the journalists.

Retro styling works for small cars (Mini, Beetle, 500) but I'm not sure it would work on larger cars with its different market. I suspect DS owners will be having a heart attack at the news!

If true I pressume something on the C5/C6 floorpan, bit like a Mercedes CLS is related to an E-class. But I would have thought the C6 is 'DS-like' enough for Citroen fans - can't see enough demand for both?

Does anybody know anything more?

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New DS - stunorthants26
I have no idea if it is true, but i do hope so - even today a DS looks like nothing else, so a modern interpretation would look great - todays cars are so bland in this sector.
New DS - mike hannon
I saw this on a French news website yesterday.
New DS - boxsterboy
Just checked the DT website. It says that "Citroen will launch the first in a range of high-end DS vehicles inspired by the original model. A concept car close to the final version will be unveiled to the press on Champs Elysees tomorrow along with a new-look logo for the brand".

Can't wait to see it!
New DS - zm
Funny that this should come up...

A few months ago I was surfing the net and came across what was clearly a spoof 'leak' of supposed photos of a new DS, that I thought looked good and Citroen would be mad not to do it! Unfortunately I can't remember how I came across the site concerned, but I'm sure it's still out there.

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New DS - Rattle
Nice to see Citroen going back to its route instead of being rather bland version of Peoguets.
New DS - Carse
Some limited information here

New DS - bintang
While they're at it, bring back the 2CV. I had three and would like another.
New DS - Alanovich
Agreed, so long as they keep the original gear change! I absolutely loved mine.

Would be a far more sensible business decision then resurrecting the DS, given the drive for more fuel efficient cars. Not that I'm against a DS resurrection.

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New DS - doctorchris
When the Citroen C3 was launched there was talk of its shape being a revival of the 2CV.
I suspect that a retro model of the 2CV would be impossible to produce within the constraints of modern vehicle legislation.
OK, it was a very light, fuel efficient, spacious design and generally the engineering was simple.
However, although older folk like myself would be prepared to risk its total lack of accident protection, 21st century drivers want something a whole lot safer.
New DS - Alanovich
Very true, but they've succeeded in reviving the Fiat 500. Which was very, very small, compared even to a 2CV, in its original guise.
New DS - doctorchris
The new Fiat 500 is a work of genius. It looks just like the original and even seems to have the tiny proportions of it, until you see them side by side. Fiat have succeeded in producing a facsimile of the original at a reasonable price, something that BMW failed to do with the new Mini. I have great respect for the new Fiat 500 and, as Fiat Panda driver, would buy one if I did not need any luggage space.
To replicate the 2CV would be much harder as it would need to be a spacious 5 seat hatch with a car length sunroof. It would need to be very cheap and very economical. I feel that the C3 Pluriel was Citroen's attempt to achieve this but it was not cheap and the leaky roof killed it.
Maybe the philosophy of the 2CV could be produced in a modern car. Indian car makers are trying this but finding it difficult. Renault, at the Romanian Dacia plant, are producing the Logan along these lines.
The only way to revive the fun of the original 2CV is to buy an old one and restore it. Go on, it won't cost a lot and will give you somewhere to put your old "Nuclear power, no thanks" stickers on.
New DS - stunorthants26
Well if you think about it, a stripped out Panda is about as close as you get to the 2CV in modern times - do they do a very basic one on the continent?
New DS - doctorchris
I think the most basic new Panda is the Active 1.1, my daughter has one.
Cheap motoring. Really quite nice to sit in and drive as long as you don't expect Merc or BMW standards. Good load capacity for its size and very reliable.
In fact, driving this car on country roads takes me back to driving the original Mini, it really is fun and a bit scarey at times.
I drive a Panda Cross, diesel-engined 4WD, a different car altogether but still as much, if not more, fun on a wet or snowy mountain road as cars that cost 10x as much.
New DS - PhilW
If it looked like this I would be very tempted.

Not sure where I got this picture from but it was a few years ago

New DS - Happy Blue!
I want one and I want one now!!
New DS - tyro
It looks like it won't happen.
New DS - Citroenut from Citroenet
I suspect all true Citroen enthusiasts will be underwhelmed tomorrow. I am pretty certain what we will see is the DS range being upmarket variants of the current range - maybe with revised styling. What we will not see is any kind of revived D Series in any shape or form - of this I am sure. PSA doesn't have the money and the market isn't right for any large scale investment in an all new model.

For what a revived DS might look like, go to

New DS - Soupytwist
You can get a bit more information on what Citroen is doing with its brand here -

Creative Technologie appears to be its new slogan and there's a 'DS inside' logo at the end of the video and it says that the 'DS Inside' will be the first in a line of premium models, just as Renault appears to pulling out of the larger premium market.
New DS - rtj70
But the first might be based on the C3 platform but they intend making a DS5 based on the C5 platform. So not pulling out of big cars - quite the opposite.
New DS - Soupytwist
That's the point I was making, Citroen are staying in this market when Renault appear to be getting out.

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