2000 1.4 Gearbox problem - csgmart
I've recently noticed a noise coming from the gearbox / clutch of my Polo. With the car in neutral and the clutch NOT pressed down there is a noise which increases with the engine speed. Sounds like clattering type noise.

When the clutch is depressed the noise stops so I think something like a clutch release bearing may be the issue. Unfortunatly on the way home tonight the situation changed and whilst the car goes into all gears and drives OK there is a really bad vibration and the noise is quite bad. Sounds like a load of old tin cans being banged together.

Again depressing the clutch makes the noise stop.

Question - gearbox fault or clutch assembly? I will obviously get a garage to look into it but I would like to know how £££££ it's likely to be.

Cheers. :-(
2000 1.4 Gearbox problem - Peter.N.
If you have a vibration it sounds as though something is running out of line, I would suspect that your clutch is falling apart. There is nothing much in the gearbox that could cause vibration without major mechanical failure.
2000 1.4 Gearbox problem - csgmart
Thanks. My mechanic said it could be a bearing broken up.

Will find out in the next few days!
2000 1.4 Gearbox problem - csgmart
Well it's not great news as 70% of the teeth on 5th gear are worn away. My mechanic can't find out what caused it so far.

Could be cheaper to get a 2nd hand unit.

Question for those more knowledgable about VW's than me - would the gearbox from a 1996 1.4CL Polo fit a 1.4 Match Polo of 2000 vintage? I think the engine design is similar.

I'm soon to sell my old Polo and the gearbox on it is fine so a direct swap may prove to be the cheapest option seeing as I only going to get a few hundred £ for it anyway and I know the gearbox is fine.

I could sell the engine and wheels/tyres too and the shell as spares or repair no doubt.