Idiots snowball cars [Read Only] - Mr X
Britain in a nut shell. Don't drivers have enough to contend with. Why didn't some one phone the law as soon as this stupidity started. What's the difference between this and say for instance, putting objects on a railway line ?
'Youngsters had been pelting at cars for hours in a park' Yeah, what a laugh until a car skids out of control and kills some innocent on the pavement.

'A SNOWBALL fight turned ugly yesterday when an angry driver threatened kids with a knife.

Youngsters had been pelting at cars for hours in a park. But one driver took the law into his own hands, when one too many balls landed on his van.

The unnamed man, wearing a fluorescent jacket and beanie cap leapt out with a roar ? brandishing what looked like a Stanley knife near Alexandra Palace, in Muswell Hill, North London.

One onlooker said: ?It was absolutely mental, every car that came round the corner was absolutely pelted with snowballs.

"It had been going on for several hours, and lots of drivers had shouted at the kids.

?Some wound their windows down to have a go, but that just made them throw more. But then this guy stopped his van, got out and started shouting at them, waving this knife. He was clearly very annoyed.

?Suddenly it all went very quiet, and unsurprisingly they stopped throwing snowballs.

?He only walked off after the cars stuck behind him started beeping at him, telling him to move on.


?I think he was calling the police ? he?d clearly just had enough.?

A schoolboy was arrested.'

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Idiots snowball cars - Nsar
Shouldn't the title of this thread be "idiot pulls knife on snowballers".

I don't think you'll ever stop people chucking snowballs at cars - I did it as a kid so can't really complain.
Idiots snowball cars - Pugugly
And me too - may indulge in some later myself.
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
Seen the damage a tightly packed ball of ice can do to a body panel or windscreen. ?
No doubt the bloke was driven to the end of his teether. Proud to have been involved with carrying out an act both dangerous and damaging then.? I wouldn't be.

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Idiots snowball cars - Pugugly
Yes and clearly helped me become a mellowed person in my middle age.

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Idiots snowball cars - Nsar
There is a difference between chuck a snowball and deliberately packing snow so hard that it is likely to cause damage. I imagine you know this.

Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
I know what the kids of today are like and I would not be surprised if damage wasn't top of their list.
Look at the car in the picture and tell me that is innocent fun. {link made non clickable}

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Idiots snowball cars - mrsarcasm
I did so as a kid/teenager, would do so now if only we had some snow! Good Times!

/aims virtual tightly packed snowball at Mr X's windscreen.
Idiots snowball cars - smokie
I was thinking this is fairly harmless fun - but the pic in the link shows it's fairly threatening. Don't think my Mrs would be very happy if she were targeted, even if I was chilled about it...

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Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
Can you see the outpourings of grief for one of those idiots if that car was to skid in to them and kill some one.
' Lovely child " , ' They were an Angel " " A great loss '.
What sort of mindset is happy to condone the sort of activity that could lead to deliberate damage to some one else's property. Take it you would be quite happy to have me come round and snap the wipers off your vehicle... just in fun though.
Idiots snowball cars - Nsar
They should clear all snow from within chucking range of all roads.

And all buildings.

And people too.

Trees are OK though. Maybe.

Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
'Bus passengers in Londonderry had a lucky escape when a bus crashed after teenagers rolled a huge snowball in front of a car, a bus driver has said.
Danny McGinley said up to 30 youths got on the bus in the Hazelbank Estate on Monday and threw snowballs at everyone.
He said they rolled the snowball in front of the car ahead.
"She (the car driver) couldn't get around it, so she stopped dead and I lost control of the bus and I went into the back of her," he said.
"They pushed open the doors of the bus and pelted me with snowballs and threw them in on top of the passengers.
"It was just by pure luck that no-one was injured."
Translink's Area Manager Alan Young appealed to young people not to throw snowballs at buses.
"We don't want to stop young people having fun in the snow - we all did it when we were children - but it's different when they're actually targeting vehicles, especially buses which are carrying their own mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.
"If a driver, as happened last night, loses control of that vehicle, the lives are at risk of the 50-odd passengers on the bus and and also other road users and pedestrians," he said.
A police spokeswoman said youths built snow barricades at various locations in Derry. When drivers stopped, they pelted their cars with snowballs. Several people's windscreens were shattered.
The spokeswoman warned about the dangers of attacking moving vehicles. It could lead to serious injury, she said. '
Idiots snowball cars - bhoy wonder
Kids can do nothing now without everybody up in arms. As a youngster I chucked snowballs at cars it was FUN Let the kids have there fun the snow will be away soon enough. I was getting snowballs chucked at my house windows the other night by the next door kids. So out I went and pelted them with snowballs. Great fun.

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Idiots snowball cars - Robin Reliant
A gritter in Wales had it's windscreen smashed last night when a group of youths hurled snoballs at it. One of the snowballs containe a large stone, fortuneately the driver was unhurt.

Without wishing to sound like an miserable old moaner, the difference between the yoof of today and those from more innocent times is the aggressive "We can do what we want and you can't touch us" culture.

We used to pelt each other silly with snowballs, but we would think twicw about picking on an adult stranger.
Idiots snowball cars - b308
TBH I'm with MrX on this one... I was following a bus yesterday which had snowballs thrown at it, luckily they'd run out as I went past... but I wouldn't have been best pleased had one been thrown at my car... It can be "harmless fun"... but hard packed snowballs, and even worse, a stone in the middle, can take it beyond that and I saw the results of a stone in a snowball when I was a kid, and it wasn't pleasent...

The problem is that it starts out as just fun then develops into something much worse... would any of you that agree with it have said that first photo in MrX's link was "harmless" fun?!

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Idiots snowball cars - Altea Ego
I hope the drivers was arrested for being armed with a knife?
Idiots snowball cars - FotheringtonThomas
Without wishing to sound like an miserable old moaner the difference between the yoof of
today and those from more innocent times is the aggressive "We can do what we
want and you can't touch us" culture.

Quite. I drove, which was fun, the boy to a park to do some sledging yesterday. It was full of teenagers from the (big) local school effing and blinding and throwing their empty beer tins/bottles around and peeing in the snow. Disgraceful, they deserve a good thrashing.
Idiots snowball cars - BazzaBear {P}
Without wishing to sound like an miserable old moaner the difference between the yoof of
today and those from more innocent times is the aggressive "We can do what we
want and you can't touch us" culture.
We used to pelt each other silly with snowballs but we would think twicw about
picking on an adult stranger.

I'm not going to call you a miserable old moaner, but I would like to make an observation.

You are comparing a group of children to which you belonged, who were presumably not amongst the worst behaved of the children of your time, to a group of children from now who have done something comparitively extreme enough for this to have been mentioned in the national news.

Do you think this is a fair comparison from which to make a judgement that 'the youth of today' are all over aggressive rights-obsessed ne-er do wells?

I would suggest that you're taking amongst the worst of todays kids, amongst the best of yesterdays (if you'll allow me to flatter you for a moment!) comparing the two, and coming up with the usual answer which our newspapers love to throw at us.

EDIT: The following is what this type of thing always makes me think of - I'm by no means accusing you of being prejudiced against the young)

When I was a young 'un in the 80's, I once walked through my local town centre to be greeted by a teenager kicking the living daylights out of another kid who was lying on the ground crying. Several adults tried to intervene, and the response of the thug was to walk away a bit until they were paying attention to the victim instead, then wade back in again with further violence.

I would be extremely angry to have my childhood somehow associated with that thugs behaviour, and I reckon that the vast over-arching majority of pretty normal, generally morally responsible, children of today would be equally upset to be informed that they are part of the 'youth of today' which we all seem to so enjoy stereotyping.
Idiots snowball cars - Nsar
Teddy boys, mods & rockers, skinheads, punks, hoodies.

Same problem, different decade.
Idiots snowball cars - DP
My days of being "down with the kids" are long behind me, but the teenagers I do know view the juvenile delinquents that are twisted by the media into being "typical modern British kids" with just as much contempt and loathing as the average adult does.

When at the park with my two pre-school girls the other day, two tracksuit and trackie wearing, shaven headed "chavs" offered use of the swing to my three year old, said hello, and asked if she needed any help getting off the slide. Yet if you took a photo of these two, they'd be front page of the Daily Mail fare.

Perfectly normal, polite, pleasant kids who were a credit to their parents, yet I openly admit to walking in there and thinking "here we go!"

The media turns us into victims before we even encounter these people. I was angry and ashamed at myself and my prejudice.

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Idiots snowball cars - Pugugly
I had cause to be in close proximity of British "teenagers" or "youths" recently - I would happily entrust my life to them.
Idiots snowball cars - BazzaBear {P}
Thanks guys. It reinvigorates my faith in people to see others say the same or similar. I've had similar arguments elsewhere recently and basically been called daft for not realising that everyone under the age of 18 is currently planning my mugging.

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Idiots snowball cars - FotheringtonThomas
Completely stupid behaviour to throw stuff at cars, and to "brandish(..) what looked like a Stanley knife)".

I wonder why the "schoolboy was arrested".
Idiots snowball cars - dxp55
I hope the driver was treated like Lord "Gravy of Train" Mandelson and made a Lord - we need people not afraid to stand up and be counted and anyway has it been proved the driver had a knife. - Remember a man was shot dead by police for carrying a table leg.

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Idiots snowball cars - DP
We used to pelt each other with snowballs, but if I'd been caught doing it to passing cars, I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week.
Idiots snowball cars - b308
I was having a think about this on the way in to work today and feel the problem is that the youth of today are not taught by their "elders" (parents?!) when "harmless fun" becomes "unacceptable behaviour"... it also links in to the lack of respect shown by said youth to their elders or people in authority like the Police, Fire Brigade, etc.

We really need to start to address these issues as it is getting out of hand these days... I'd also suggest that many of us also need to take a fresh look how we treat others... especially on the roads... as we often set a bad example to our kids!

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Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
Used to pelt each other with snowballs but if I got caught pelting cars I would get hammered.
I just didn't get caught.
Its not a new problem to society. Its snow. Its kids. Its what happens.

I accept it can be a problem in exceptional circumstances. How many snowballs are thrown compared to issues?

Mr X, you would be the first to complain if your nearest and dearest were mugged and when you phoned the police on a day like yesterday, to be told they were dealing with snowball throwers.

Just sit back and calm down, there are issues in the world that we ain't gonna solve, some things you just need to accept and get on with it. Best not to trawl the net looking for bad news cos there is a lot there.

If we are not able to teach every citizen to not murder, rape or drink drive, then we just need to accept that out there are some kids who will throw snowballs at cars.
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
Nothing should be thrown or dropped on a moving vehicle of any size on the basis that it could cause the driver to lose control.
Idiots snowball cars - Andrew-T
>Nothing should be thrown or dropped on a moving vehicle of any size ...

Possibly the throwers of snowballs have not yet reached the age of considering any consequence of their actions beyond annoying the recipient? Or when they cause some accident they lamely answer 'I didn't intend that to happen ..'. They won't be the first (or the eldest) to see that as an excuse.
Idiots snowball cars - doctorchris
As a young kid in the 70s I would, with another mate, make soft snowballs and aim them at the side panels of the RF London buses that went past our house. I felt pretty hard doing this but would get bored after an hour or so and give up.
A couple of years ago my passenger door was hit by a snowball and I later discovered a dent that suggested it had been hit by an iceball or snowball with rock in it.
Now this situation in London which is more like the juvenile mob attacking the motorist than kids' fun. No wonder somebody lost his rag. As many youths carry knives they have just upped the ante when the public threaten them in return.
The guy wielded a Stanley knife, probably, as someone in the building trade, something he had to hand in the van.
I'm so glad that the headline was not "Crazy builder wielding Stanley knife arrested and jailed for 6 years."
Sometimes the craziness of modern life and the behaviour of others around us triggers a momentary response that is regretful but does not lead to misfortune. Often, the authorities, sitting at leisure, punish these spontaneous outbursts inappropriately.
Idiots snowball cars - smokie
I understand from a forum that a not-insignificant number of grown up hooligans went into apparently underused car parks in the snow so that they could try out their J turns and drifting skills... Now, which forum was that I wonder??

Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
That will be , ahem, ?? :)
Idiots snowball cars - DP
I did it. And I'm doing it again tonight if the car park's empty! :-)

Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
Did they leave a trail of creosote in their tracks......
Idiots snowball cars - ifithelps
Many years ago, I tossed an apple into the path of a moving car.

It caught the car square on the windscreen and it was quite a spectacular as bits of apple flew in all directions.

Pretty stupid, huh?
Idiots snowball cars - Hamsafar
"Shouldn't the title of this thread be "idiot pulls knife on snowballers".

should be the truth.
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
From my reading of the full story, if this bloke did in fact wave a weapon around he was doing so to the youths surrounding the Saab car in the photograph as he was in the same area and being pelted as well. . I've no doubt the spineless youth of today will have been armed with a lot more than the blokes tiny stanley type knife.
Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
Yeah, they were probably armed with a snowball which you will now expect the police to take away and keep as evidence?
Idiots snowball cars - hxj

I think that the title to this thread should be changed to:

"Idiot Sun 'reporter' fakes up another photo to justify a non-story"
Idiots snowball cars - tiredeyes
I passed 10 youths standing at the low wall all with snowballs.
I looked at them, they looked and thought better of it.
so I gave them the bird, and smiled and shouted "av it"
they all cheered and let rip
yuf of 2day init.
Idiots snowball cars - Harleyman
Sometimes the driver gets one back....

Passing through a village on my way back to the depot, I too was the target for a fusillade of snowballs. 32 ton bulk tipper is an easy target, doesn't bother me much, as above kids will be...

However, spotted another group piling up ammunition further down the street; just adjacent to a spot where the melting slush had piled higher between the ruts. No problems with grip, no traffic coming t'other way, so a brisk acceleration (perfectly safe, officer) and a gentle steer into the slush causing the spray to belt out over the second bunch. One of 'em dodged but his mate got the lot!

Yes I KNOW it's technically assault .... so what? :-)
Idiots snowball cars - L'escargot
It's just another sign of the times.

I know people scoff at us oldies for always going on about the good old days, but moral standards in my younger days were much much higher than they are now. A good clip round the ear from either a parent or a policeman helped to keep us on the straight and narrow. Nowadays there isn't that incentive for youngsters to behave.

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Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
All good fun hey...
'The driver of a gritting lorry narrowly escaped injury when a snowball containing a brick crashed through the window of his vehicle.
A gang of up to 15 youths targeted the Torfaen council vehicle in freezing temperatures at Pontnewydd at 1030 GMT on Monday night.
After stepping into the road to slow it down, the gang threw snowballs - one of which contained the brick.
Council spokeswoman Christina Harrhy condemned the attack as 'mindless'.
Mrs Harrhy said: "The brick crashed through the passenger side window, covering the driver in glass.'

At least he didn't get out of his vehicle and scare the poor children involved.
Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
There is a footbridge near me where this happens but not with snow.
Kids think its funny to drop a stone or brick as an HGV passes to smash its windscreen. Of course it can be lethal as well.

But this happens all the year round , not just the two days there are snow.

Do you spend all day trawling the web trying to find negative stories Mr X or are you set up to automatically receive them?
Idiots snowball cars - b308
But this happens all the year round

So that makes it acceptable?...

Please answer me one thing, Bobby, and honestly if you please... if you were in that car in the first photo of that report that MrX posted a link to just how would you be feeling???????

You don't know if those snowballs contain anything other than snow, you are completely surrounded, they have even gone onto the road in front of you to slow you down and one snowball has just smashed (yes, smashed) into the windscreen right in front of you... You haven't got a clue what they intend next... what is you honest reaction... I'm honest enough to say that I'd be scared and want to get away asap... how about you?

Do you really feal that is acceptable behaviour... or bullying/mob rule?

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Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
You are picking me up wrongly here, I am not saying that it is acceptable. What I am saying is that sometimes there are bad things that happen in life.
Over last couple of days there will have been literally millions of snowballs thrown and many of these at passing vehicles.

Over the year there are stones and bricks thrown at vehicles up and down the country. Its a sad reflection on today's society.

If I was in that car yes I would be upset. But I wasn't. Sames as I would be upset if I was the one that got mugged, knifed, robbed in everyday Britain etc but I am (thankfully) not.

But to start going off on one and trawling the web to try and find every remote instance of bad behaviour related to snow?
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
There is no trawling involved. These incidents are easily read on both the web and in ones daily newspapers, both local and national. You don't know the make up of that object being hurled at your moving vehicle. You don't know if it is going to cause damage or cause you to take evasive action, action that could lead to lose of control .
To see people on here actually condoning the throwing of objects at moving vehicles on the basis that they know it is only snow ( how do they know ? ) is cringe worthy.

Idiots snowball cars - b308
I'm sorry that you feel that way but I feel that your posts have trivialised what is clearly unacceptable behaviour, BG, thats why I have picked up what you have said.

At the end of the day what they were doing was not acceptable... yes we've all thrown snowballs at cars/buses, etc, but we didn't gang up on the cars like that... I don't often agree with MrX but in this case he has a valid point, what those kids were doing was criminal, not "kids being kids", but obviously no-one has actually given them guidelines in their short lives to know when they cross that line between acceptable behaviour and unacceptable behaviour, perhaps seeing the arrest of one of their number may make the others realise that there are limits to what they can do.

As for the trawling the web... its car related, and highlights what can happen if unacceptable behaviour gets out of hand... if we took your view there'd be a lot less threads on here for a start... no speeding stories, crashes due to texting, using mobiles, drunk in charge, etc... all are bad behaviour!
Idiots snowball cars - L'escargot
Its a sad reflection on today's society.

It's also a sad reflection on the outlawing of corporal punishment. Spare the rod and spoil the child still holds as true as it did in the past.
Idiots snowball cars - Alanovich
That's what Hitler's father believed. Did little Adolf a power of good.

Nowadays we rightly see it as assault in the same way we would see it as assault if an adult were to be beaten. Why is assault acceptable if the person being assulted is under 16?

The only reason we think children are worse behaved now than in the 40s is that the Daily Mail says so.
Idiots snowball cars - Harleyman
The only reason we think children are worse behaved now than in the 40s is
that the Daily Mail says so.

Disagree. Go travel on a bus at school-time, I don't care where, and hear the foul language which they know they can get away with and accept as the norm. When I was their age the driver would have stopped the bus, kicked me off and made me walk if I'd dared do that; and if I'd complained to my parents I'd have got into trouble for doing it. Nowadays the driver would lose his job for making a kid walk, and the parents would sue the bus company.

The reason children are worse-behaved though is because they know full well that they can be, and get away with it.

This is not the same thing as saying that all kids are bad, and I don't think they are.
Idiots snowball cars - Lud
Spot on in every respect Harleyman.
Idiots snowball cars - FotheringtonThomas
The only reason we think children are worse behaved now than in the 40s is
that the Daily Mail says so.

Rubbish. Material from the ONS is indicative. Many know that they can't be touched, and behave accordingly. Bad behaviour is also being translated into misbehaviour on the road.
Nowadays we rightly see it as assault in the same way we would see it
as assault if an adult were to be beaten. Why is assault acceptable if the
person being assulted is under 16?

"We" don't.
Idiots snowball cars - Alanovich
"We" don't.

You don't see the beating of children as assault. You condone the beating of children. How very, very sad. Tell me why the law should protect adults from being beaten but not children. Why should grown men, physically stronger than children in every respect, be legally allowed to inflict physical pain upon them? What sort of cowards are we?

Show me a person who beats his children and I'll show you a coward. Show me a person who teaches his children right from wrong by example, without recourse to assault and battery, and I'll show you a man.
Idiots snowball cars - FotheringtonThomas
You condone the beating of children.

No. Don't be silly. I'd quite like an aploogy, then we can get back on topic.
Idiots snowball cars - Alanovich
Your statement "We don't" implied to me that you disagreed with me and supported the beating of children.

Apologies if I've misread you and evidently I have, could you please explain how?

There are those in this thread who do seem to be supporting it with comments like "spare the rod and spoil the child", that's quite unequivocal and quite offensive. Beat the child and create the next generation of violent idiot is nearer the truth.

I strongly believe that human behaviour changes very little over time, if at all, and every generation, once it reaches a certain age, believes the generation one or two below it are sending the world to hell in a handcart. It's evident in writing since the Middle Ages.

Bringing it back to motoring, I don't agree that the deterioration in youth behaviour which seems to be an accepted fact (not by me who very well remembers the dreadful behaviour and language of flick-knife carrying hooligans in the 70s and 80s, and in the 40s, 50s and 60s so I am reliably informed by my parents' generation) contributes to bad behaviour on the roads. Again, young men (predominantly men rather than women) have been tearing round the roads with scant regard to the safety of others since the dawn of motoring time. I believe there is increasing frustration being displayed by drivers of *ALL* ages nowadays due to the amount of vehicles on the roads, but to imply it's all young people's fault is rather odd. I am cut up a regular basis by drivers of all ages, sexes, sizes, colours, and in all types and model of vehicle.

I'm 39 and have two children, for the record
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
Can one ask where the parents were when the offspring pictured were attempting to damage the motor vehicles of innocent members of the public going about their lawfull duty ?
Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
Mr X - you can but what is the relevance?
They might be at work, at the pub, at hospital etc.

If you mean the parents should have been with them so as to prevent this, well I don't think you will get many parents going out with their kids and their pals do you?
Idiots snowball cars - Bromptonaut
Did the parents know what they were doing? Guess the answer would be "he's out with his mates".

Bromp junior's school is snowed off today. He went off at 10:00 with four mates and three sledges - didn't see him again until he came back frozen and hungry an hour ago. I'm absolutely sure they went to a site known locally as the clumps sledged, snowballed one anothner, and made tentative advances to the teenage girls doing likewise.

He's a sensible lad and so are his friends. I'm sure even if somebody got bored and proposed snowballing the M1 or the Euston railway he'd turn and come home. Others will be weaker, stupider and have far dafter and less fortunate (in terms of upbringing and a welcoming secure home) friends.

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Idiots snowball cars - L'escargot
You don't see the beating of children as assault. You condone the beating of children.
How very very sad.

Stop being dramatic. I said the solution was a good clip round the ear from a policeman or a parent, not a beating.
Idiots snowball cars - Alanovich
Where does a "good clip" stop and a beating begin? See it as drama if you will, but I like to stand up to bullies, especially adult ones who like to hit children.

Should coppers be allowed to clip adults round the ear 'ole for speeding? Or not wearing a seat bealt?

If no, neither should they be allowed to "clip" children for buzzing a few snowballs about or swearing on a bus (which was quite common even when the hitting of children by policemen and parents was commonplace, so I don't see how reintroducing it would help eradicate it when it has always happened).

No-one has ever been able to explain to me why it's ok to hit children, but not adults. Please rise to the challenge! You might change my mind.
Idiots snowball cars - L'escargot
.......... swearing on a bus (which was quite common even when the hitting of
children by policemen and parents was commonplace .........

If you'd lived during that era you'd know that swearing on a bus wasn't common. As Harleyman said, we'd have been turned off the bus if we'd misbehaved.
Idiots snowball cars - smokie
I'm really not sure that a motoring forum is the place to be picking a fight(!!) about the rights and wrongs of bullying...back to the topic please...
Idiots snowball cars - BazzaBear {P}
Do you think there's any chance at all that that picture was in fact set up by the cameraman? Because that's the way it looks to me.

I'm also not sure I agree with starting a thread saying 'all people throwing snowballs at cars are idiots', and then 'proving' this with a story about someone throwing a brick with snow around it.
That wasn't someone throwing a snowball - that was someone throwing a brick.
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
If thats what you think, feel free to contact the Press Complaints Commission.
Idiots snowball cars - BazzaBear {P}
If I were to contact someone everytime the Sun exaggerated, mis-stated, or simply made something up, I'd have to hire a team to assist! Most days, just reading the last 2 pages raises enough concerns that I'd have to quit my day job!

I'm afraid in this instance, I simply don't care enough.

Question though - were the photographer not in cahoots with the kids (especially these criminal, only-throwing-snowballs-because-there's-no-nearby-grannies-to-mug, kids) do you think he would be being completely ignored as is the case? Or would a substantial number of snowballs be coming his way too?

I'm quite sure that cars were indeed pelted with snowballs. But I also reckon that to get a good photo, The Sun had to engineer their own example. And having done so, the exact details of the image taken can't really be used to draw many conclusions.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 04/02/2009 at 19:01

Idiots snowball cars - b308
I'm quite sure that cars were indeed pelted with snowballs. But I also reckon that
to get a good photo The Sun had to engineer their own example. And having
done so the exact details of the image taken can't really be used to draw
many conclusions.

More likely it was one of the kids that did the photography, they seem to take delight in boasting about their deeds these days by videoing, camera phones, etc whether it be mugging, rape or just plain vandalism.... They must have had a field day with the reporting this got...
Idiots snowball cars - TheOilBurner
Now imagine the Saab driver is elderly and quite frail, or maybe 8 months pregnant.

Anybody here who doesn't think that is those circumstances it would be extraordinary intimidating? I'd hazard a guess who called the police, and I suspect it wasn't the van driver...

There's having a laugh and throwing the odd snowball, and straightforward simple intimidating behaviour.

Of course, for the Sun photo, how do we not know that the photographer encouraged all the kids to behave like that (might even be a colleague in the Saab...) to get the photo they wanted...

Two sides to every story, and we haven't even got half here!

EDIT: Snap! BazzaBear: you've obviously had dealings with the press too! ;)

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Idiots snowball cars - oilrag
Back in the mid 80`s when I was predominantly working as a Social Worker in Child Care - one of the saddest cases was a ten year old acquiring a criminal record - for throwing a snowball at a car.

The other was being asked to assess and write (another) Social Inquiry Report - on a similarly aged lad who had picked a few roadside daffodils - to take home to his mother. From memory - I think that was `breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act`

Made sure both lads had a good Solicitor (while remaining impartial in selection of course..;)

Out of hundreds of Court Reports - it`s these two I remember - no previous and from caring families (which contributed to the latter - daffodils for his Mother)

The only two requests for absolute discharges that I remember writing - but its a long time ago.

(Criminalised by conditional discharges - imposed by stone faced Magistrates and a burly Police officer giving `evidence` - in a tone seemingly reminiscent of bringing the Ripper to justice)

You should have seen the look on these poor lads faces throughout this whole process - one had wet himself on being `apprehended`

Just a thought perhaps - before `reporting` a kid for a snowball.

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Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
'You should have seen the look on these poor lads faces throughout this whole process - one had wet himself on being `apprehended`
Glad to hear it. I'm sure a few of our elderly motorists have had similar moments when being startled by something suddenly hitting their windscreen from out of no where. Even more, it could bring on a heart attack.
Criminal damage and theft, lets use the real words for their crimes.
Idiots snowball cars - Lud
Glad to hear it.

Let's use the real words for such selective petty-bourgeois hardness of heart.

On second thoughts, let's not. The filters wouldn't like it.

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Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
Makes you proud to be British , doesn't it ?
'Gritting teams in the Black Country were called away from the main routes to clear road blocks made out of giant snowballs by pranksters.
Walsall Council sent officials to Barry Road, in Park Hall, and Rookery Lane, in Aldridge, on Thursday.
Councillor Adrian Andrew, deputy leader of Walsall Council, said the blockages were caused by "irresponsible yobs".
He said they had put extra pressure on the council's resources and could have blocked ambulances.
A council JCB was being sent to break up the snowballs - some of which were more than 5ft (1.5m) tall - on Thursday afternoon.'

'Pranksters ".... I don't think thats the right word some how.
Idiots snowball cars - BobbyG
Was wondering when your next report of snow trouble was going to come along Mr X.
Idiots snowball cars - Bromptonaut
to clear
road blocks made out of giant snowballs by pranksters.

Nothing new. When my sister was born in the winter of 62 Mum had to be admitted to the maternity unit via a side door. Medical students had blocked the main entrance with a giant snowball and labelled it "the pill".

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Idiots snowball cars - Hamsafar
I saw a gang of about 30 yobs hurl snowballs at the windscreen of a Millers Oils delivery truck today on the urban 30mph A611. It smashed the windscreen which was laminated, but looked like a shotgun had gone off at it and was undrivable. He stopped and got out and they ran off like a bunch of apes laughing. :(
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
It is surely time for the law to be looked at in that case. The throwing of any item at a moving vehicle must be treated as attempted murder. Isn't it strange that we put these idiots through the courts if they shine a laser at a plane or put objects on a railway line yet some think that a driver in a vehicle is fair game.
Idiots snowball cars - b308
Just a thought perhaps - before `reporting` a kid for a snowball.

I think that we need to step back a moment on this... looking at that photo, if it was genuine, the behaviour I'm sure most of us would agree was unacceptable, as it looked very like a concerted attack, but throwing the odd snowball like OL has mentioned is a different thing.

I mentioned before that there is a "line" before which it can be regarded as just "harmless fun", but when that line is crossed, as I believe it was in the case reported, then it is not acceptable... Most of you who have admitted to doing it when you were kids (and that includes me) have stated that it was just the odd snowball and no harm was done... that incident looked very different to that.... If parents can't instill a sense of what is right and wrong then perhaps this is the only way... I wonder if our little angel arrested in this case "wet himself"? I somehow think not.
Idiots snowball cars - hxj

I've read this thread with increasing hilarity.

It starts to snow and out come all the Victor Meldrews dutifully following the chief troll Mr X.

Attempted murder for throwing a snowball - I laughed so much I nearly choked on my tea!

The photo is staged.

The stories are all exagerated.

99.99% of the population have been out having harmless fun, only those stuck inside on the board haven't been, except of course Mr X who no doubt has been giggling at the ever increasing reaction to his trolling
Idiots snowball cars - Mr X
I take it I can add you to the list of people happy to have objects thrown at your car on the basis that it's all just good fun ?
Idiots snowball cars - smokie
As all the interesting discussion points which can possibly be made have now been made and discussed, probably at least twice, and we're heading back towards name-calling, I've locked this.

I predict the snow will melt, at about the same time as this thread drops off the front page. I'm sure we can find something else to fret over then. :-)