94 1.8 Removal of Radio - Dydo123
Thick or what ........ is that what I am being?? How do I remove the SC303 radio from a Vauxhall Cavalier? I am hoping its more simple that removing half of the dashboard, like i had to in a Hyundai !!!! Please help :-((
94 1.8 Removal of Radio - mikej
To remove the standard OEM single DIN stereo in my old 1989 F-reg, you just needed to remove the grub screws (2 either side) and then you can use a standard removal tool (available from Halfords etc) by pushing the tool in on each side, bending it outwards and pulling the stereo out.

Not sure if they changed the design/fitting with the later models ?

Make sure you've got your code if you need to refit it, as there's a chance that the power sockets will be built-in to the cage at the back, so the power is lost once the unit is removed.

This was about 10 years ago, so forgive me if any of this info is incorrect !

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94 1.8 Removal of Radio - Dydo123
Cheer Mikej, have already removed screws but couldnt get anything down the sides of the radio...... will have another try
94 1.8 Removal of Radio - Victorbox
Tools you need look like this tinyurl.com/bpcp6l

Once they properly locate into side of radio when inserted through aforementioned holes, you sort of jerk it to get it moving out of dash - mine was quite tight. Best to disconnect earth lead on battery first.
94 1.8 Removal of Radio - Victorbox
Just re-read your post - you do realise the tool to release goes through the holes the grub screws came out of? Nothing must be shoved down the sides of the radio? It won't release unless the tools pushed through holes unclicks the part of the radio fixing in the dashboard cage. The grub screws don't locate anything, they just make it longer for a thief to steal the radio.
94 1.8 Removal of Radio - Dynamic Dave
Wrong Vauxhall, but hopefully the pictures will help:-