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A letter entitled "Road User Survey" from the National Centre for Social Research, acting on behalf of the Highways Agency, informs me that my household has been selected at random to take part in a nationwide survey to understand more about the travel behaviours and views of road users. An interviewer will visit soon to question face-to-face one member of my household, aged 17 or over and selected at random (so that will be either Mrs D or myself).

Fearful of a scam, I Googled and came upon the National Road Users' Satisfaction Survey 2007/8 Annual Report:-

Clearly it's legitimate but equally it's evident that the questioning will be detailed and intrusive: age, employment and health status, household income, ethnicity and that's before the serious stuff starts about usage and perceptions of the Highways Agency network (motorways, trunk roads).

Now I don't expect any Backroomers to read every one of the Report's 126 pages but I'd be grateful for any opinions as to the utility of this enterprise.

Has any Backroomer undergone this interrogation? Am I right in thinking it will take absolutely ages? Did you invite the interviewer in or will he demand entry?

I'm ordinarily a helpful and co-operative sort of chap but on this occasion.......well I'll await suggestions.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Devolution
An interviewer can't demand entry. And I think the only survey you ever have to complete legally is the Census.

So if you find out it'll take ages, or you feel you don't want to take part then surely you can refuse?
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - oldnotbold
I can't see the issue, so long as they take care of the data.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Pugugly

They seem a pretty decent set-up.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Devolution
Absolutely, and don't go leaving the laptop on the train!

I don't think there's an issue as such, but it makes me wonder how truly random it is. Or whether it's "random" from a database created elsewhere. They could pick 100 non car owning households if it was truly random, or single occupancies where someone only walks to work around the corner and never drives or uses public transport. I know that's being a bit picky but a survey including 100 HGV/professional drivers is likely to get a bolder picture of UK roads, than maybe 100 elderly ladies...

I think the OP's query on the time it could take is valid. If you work early til very late, an interviewer is not going to visit at 9pm and would you want them too? Or do you really have time to spend 2 hours on a Saturday morning answering questions. Therefore it has to be optional to take part.

[Edit] Just looking at the NatCen website and questions and taking part are voluntary.

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Road User Survey - Highways Agency - TonyJ
If it is a *National* survey how come it only covers England? :-)
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Altea Ego
because we finance the rest of you.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - BobbyG
Aw wheest yir face !!! :)
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Mr X
Tell them to take a hike. This govt won't be happy until it knows what every one has eaten for breakfast and why.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - BobbyG
Well anything to make the govt happy at this time.

For me it was Special K and a coffee. Cos I was hungry and needed caffeine.

I am so glad I have helped in these dark times :)
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - captain chaos
I like surveys
Let your mind run riot....75 years old, 17 year old SE Asian partner, 50 kids, salary 200k per annum
Computer says no..... ;-)
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - woodster
You definitely can't be made to take part - no law in that respect. Personally, if they wanted my time, I'd ask what payment they were offering. After all, nothing free in this fair land except opinions on here!!!
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - denmilford
The age bit isn't too far-fetched actually captain chaos. Good idea the rest of it!

They've made an advance payment of 6 first-class stamps woodster. Maybe I'll hurl them after the interviewer as he leaves.

Total waste of taxpayers' money, again. Thought I might harvest some more acerbic comments from Backroomers. Perhaps the filter blocked them.
Road User Survey - Highways Agency - daveyjp
"Total waste of taxpayers' money, again."

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I assume you have no complaints whatsoever about our Highways Agency road network?

It seems to cover plenty of the areas of discussion on this site: Matrix signs, Highways Agency Officers, motorway roadworks, severe weather information.

Road User Survey - Highways Agency - Bill Payer
All the time you read in the papers or hear on the news "survey says blah blah blah" and you often wonder who the heck do they ask - well, now's your chance to take part and have your say.

I was interviewed at home recently by IpsosMori on behalf of the Government about my attitude to the armed forces - really seemed to be about how I perceived the Goverment's attitude to the armed forces.

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Road User Survey - Highways Agency - denmilford
"I assume you have no complaints whatsoever about our Highways Agency road network?"

"'s your chance to take part and have your say."

I'm in my 70s and mostly use the network to go half a mile North to the local farm shop or two miles South to the dentist. I go on a motorway barely once a year and only ever on a fine summer Sunday. Most of my driving is on country lanes, secondary roads and the lesser A roads. As for Mrs D, should the random selection fall on her, she's a non-driver and wouldn't know a matrix sign or a Highways Agency Officer if she saw one. So any complaints we may have about the Highways Agency network ("Too much traffic on it", for instance) are utterly worthless.

There must be better ways of gathering information. Talking to commercial drivers in transport cafés and motorway service stations for example.

I rest my case. That interviewer will be sent packing.


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