03 1.3 alternator - Temporary Name02
ive got a corsa 1.3 cdti had it since march 07 garage i got it from put new alternator on it then about a week later took it back and had belt fitted under warrenty the in october 07 i took it back again rather chaffed off as car was my pride and joy they told me i needed a new belt tensioner looked every were and got one from vauxhalls to my suprise it was cheaper than any where else fitted it myself then about 3 weeks later the niose started again so took tensioner off took the roller off and soaked it in motor oil put it back on car and the horrible noise has gone that i was getting at 1500 - 2000 revs well chuffed im gonna get another new belt coz the old one has been on off on off a few times hope this wll help all u corsa owners out there

changed the year - I don't think they made them in 1953 !

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03 1.3 alternator - ChicksFan
Might not be 1953, but could be a 53 reg ??

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03 1.3 alternator - Victorbox
The only fault (I'm tempting fate!) we've had ever with a 2002 Corsa in 7 years was a snapped belt tensioner, fixed under warranty. Looked like a poor casting.
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Reader and backroomer's comment.......

...........why is this question presented as a mass of unintelligible text without any passing acknowledgement to punctuation or educated communication ? It is simply too much of a chore to plough through it.

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"without any passing acknowledgement to punctuation or educated communication ?"

OP has helpfully visited the forum (his first post) to impart information having solved a problem - there is a generosity of spirit towards others.
Your own post has contributed nothing at all to the thread.

Think how inhibiting it would be if every post were to be judged on its grammar and not content - people without a literary background would be inhibited from posting and all that would be left would be judgemental elitism.

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But it still helps if it is understandable whether it is problem-solving or not!!!!!!!!!!!
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But what if someone is actually writing to the best of their ability?

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