03 1.8 Front brake judder - slee
I have been told I have front brake judder - I think it is the cold kind. Was told the back brakes also had judder and the discs and pads needed replacement - would the replacement have been required as a result of the judder? Should this be covered under warranty? I purchased the car from a dealer with a 12 month warranty. Thanks.
03 1.8 Front brake judder - Saltrampen
Judder can be down to warped discs or bearings. First need to confirm Calipers are not sticking (causing overheating of discs) and discs are just overworn and warped from use, then
replacing discs and pads are an option.
Warranty - if the fault was not present with a few hundred miles of purchase it is unlikely Brake discs and pads would be covered as wear and tear parts. Slippery dealers often tell you Brake problems are due to standing on forecourt too long and have too much corrosion, then after you driven the car enough to clear the corrosion, they then claim wear and tear.
See if you can find out if the discs have ever been replaced and get calipers checked....
If calipers are faulty you might get them replaced under warranty.
I believe Wheel bearings and caliper problems are not unknown on Celicas so check bearing as well. (Is there any heavy droning when driving?)
03 1.8 Front brake judder - slee
thanks for the reply. some noise while driving when the vehicle is getting warm. I had the rear brake pads and discs replaced yesterday and now front has become noisy - grating type noise which is particuarly audible when steering to the left.
03 1.8 Front brake judder - Saltrampen
Could be bearings - only way to know for sure is to get car checked by someone you trust and knows what they are doing (or yourself if mechanically adept)...Jack up front wheel (preferably use axle stands) and see if brakes are making noise or if it is bearings...Brakes problems tend to sound like scraping and bearings a drone if you can spin the wheel fast enough..or it could be both?
Some slight increase in noise when turning under load can be expected on most cars, but normally very subtle. A loud grating needs checking.

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