1999 1.4 - wont start, immobiliser problem - mex
can anyone help with my 1999 s reg megane 1400
the car was fine till this morning when it wouldnt start
the red light above the dash is flshing rapidly when the ignition is on
the engine turns over but wont start, got a good spark but dont think the fuel injectors are working as the pump primes but no fuel i think the immobiliser cuts out the injectors
i have been told there is a 4 digit code on key fob and a printed circuit in the interior light in the headlining, but there is no circuit and i have been told if its a pear shape key fob its an 8 digit code and not sure if it has to go to renault
any advise would be appreciated

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1999 1.4 - wont start, immobiliser problem - leighmt
Hi there,

I'm having a problem with my immobiliser too. My key is broken and it wont turn the immobiliser off so I had to get the 4 digit emergency override code. Its annoying though because if your key fob is broken then you have to put the code in everytime the immobiliser comes on.
Is your key fob not working to turn the immobiliser off?
look under the Thread of 1999 megane Key fob not working and have a read what my problem was. There is also a link near the bottom that tells you how to get the emergency 4 digit override code. It is quite complicated but if I follow it, anyone can.


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1999 1.4 - wont start, immobiliser problem - leighmt
If you look above the threads, there is an option for you to filter the results, if you just choose technical matters then the make Renault, its easier to find my thread with all the advice people had given me...
1999 1.4 - wont start, immobiliser problem - thomp1983
here's the link to leigh's thread.


1999 1.4 - wont start, immobiliser problem - mex
hi thanks for advice
it was an 8 digit code and had to go to renault
they re coded the key and all works again
it was on the changeover from 4 digit to 8 digit codes 1999
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Can anyone help? leighmt, are you still on here?? I've been reading your conversations, i'm having the same problems!!!! I need to know where to find the 4 digit code. Like you i've got 5 digit codes on some paper inside my key, but no 4 digit codes!!

Please help



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