1996 1.9TD drumming / knocking noise - owenP
Hi All,

I have a Citroen ZX 1.9TD - and it has developed a couple of problems in the last couple of days.

1. The first one is a drumming or knocking noise coming from the front of the car. It sounds like it is coming from the middle of the car, but other times it sounds like it is coming from the nearside front. The noise sounds like a drumming / rubbing noise and can be heard all the time the wheels are in motion. It becomes louder on slowing down, and becomes much louder if you coast with the clutch down. As you are coming to a stop - the noise sounds like it could be rotational - with the speed of the wheel. Would I be right in suspecting that it could be a wheel bearing that might have gone?

2. The other thing that has started occurring is a vibration under braking. The front discs and pads have recently been changed (correctly), and the calipers checked for seizing. Earlier this week when you have to brake sharply (rather than just gradually slowing down) a vibration is felt through the suspension of the car. I can't feel it either through the brake pedal (suggesting rear brakes), nor through the steering wheel - suggesting a front brake problem. When you have to slow down gradually this vibration does not appear. I have a feeling that this is probably not a brake problem as both front calipers, discs, pads and the rear shoes have been changed recently. Am I right in suspecting that it could be a problem with a suspension part / wheel bearing or something else that might have caused this vibration to appear?

3. A quietish metallic whiney noise has started to appear from the right hand side of the engine this is proportional to engine speed and seems to come on when the seems to kick in. I haven't had time to properly investigate this one fully yet - but does it sound like a problem starting to appear with the turbo? There is no excess smoke from the exhuast and the power of the car does not appear to be affected.

Many thanks for your help.

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1996 1.9TD drumming / knocking noise - oldnotbold
Part of what you mention sounds like a driveshaft/CV joint is on it's way out. An hour and a half of labour I think, and about £120 for the part. I had the same in my 405TD, which has the same front end set-up.

I don't know how to check for this - mine went completely, and all I got was whirring from the dead side, and no drive on the good side. It started to go on a 140 mile trip back from Dover, and I got increased steering wheel vibration at speed, and had to slow to about 40. Finally died in my yard when I turned the wheel hard right (it was the NS shaft).
1996 1.9TD drumming / knocking noise - owenP

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense - as that would account for the different places the noise was heard from, if it was travelling along the driveshaft - as sometimes it sounds near the wheel, at other times nearer the gearbox. I guess that would also account for why the noise would be louder when I haven't got any power on, and louder still when coasting. If there is signigicant play in the driveshaft or CV joint - I wonder if this would account for the vibration through the car under heavy braking too?
1996 1.9TD drumming / knocking noise - owenP

I did a quick check yesterday evening - and with the steering on full lock (tried both ways) I could not hear any knocking or cracking noises at very low speed in a car park, although when cornering or going round a roundabout at a higher speed than the car park test, the knocking noise appears - so it sounds like a CV joint could be on its way out. Is the best way to check this to jack up the vehicle, hold the road wheel, and try and see if there is any play in the driveshaft?

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1996 1.9TD drumming / knocking noise - oldnotbold
Unless you plan to do the job yourself, make an appt with a good indy, tell him your suspicions, and he'll put it on the ramp/check it for nothing, so long as you then book it in for the work he advises.

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