00 1.2 Electronic Fault Light & engine problem - empty_vessel
I've has this Clio for around 4 years and about 2 years ago it started suffering from a problem where the Electronic Fault Light (has a picture of a glow plug on it too) comes on a few seconds after starting the engine. The engine then hunts around looking for idle, revving up to 1000 and down to almost a stall, if no gas is given then the engine eventually stalls. This problem and warning light used to clear if you could get the car up to speed (around 35 mph) and keep it there for about 30 seconds, the engine seemed to be a lot more stable under load as it still hunted quite a lot if you tried to keep the revs up in neutral. The problem used to be very intermittent, maybe once or twice a month.

Now the problem is almost every trip, a bit of research seems to indicate that this problem is common on Clios of this era. I've had a good look in the engine bay, looked in the fuse box for chafed wires and wiggled all of the looms I can see while the engine is idling normally to try and induce the problem but no luck. The Clio is an old style Clio II but with a 16v 1149cc engine (apparently the old style usually have the 8v engine). Can anyone suggest a way forward with this, its been to the garage a few times recently (head gasket, water pump, coil pack and MAP sensor replaced) but I'm not overly happy to chuck more money at it.

Thanks for any help.

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2000 1.2 Electronic Fault Light & Engine Problem - empty_vessel
A quick update - this was getting much worse (dying every time even when changing from 1st to 2nd), fuel was getting very low so took it to get topped up. Died once coming out of the petrol station then hasn't done it since! Could there be a link between vacuum build up in the tank or something to do with the fuel system?

I don't know this engine very well - could the throttle body be to blame?

Thanks, e_v
2000 1.2 Electronic Fault Light & Engine Problem - jasoncleo01

hi, i have the same problem with my car, i was just wondering if you have the problem fixed? if so, what was the problem and how did you go about solving it.

kind regards


2000 1.2 Electronic Fault Light & Engine Problem - Altea Ego
have you changed the crank sensor? the temperature sensor or had the throttle body cleaned?

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