Astra 1.7/2.0dti driving comparisons - RB
I'll soon be looking to change my privately-owned (yes I know) Vectra 1.8 which on the whole, does its job well. I've decided that I want to go down the diesel route and really like the look of the Seats - specially the Toledo even though it doesn't have the convenience of a hatch. I know that the Leon does and is the same car but I'm not so keen on the look of it.

Anyway, much as I like the Seats, the low value of the Veccy means that the cost to change will be more that I am wanting/able to pay. So I have pretty much resigned myself to sticking to Vauxhall and getting a nearly new Astra - maybe an estate. Even nearly new Octavia estate TDi 90/110 are a bit steep our way.

Just wondering whether anyone has much experience of how they "go" - I know that we're not talking about big speeds and acceleration, but is the 1.7 able to keep up/ahead with most of the flow?

Tar muchley.
Astra 1.7/2.0dti driving comparisons - Richard_H
I have a 1.7dti in my company Astra. It pulls well given that its a diesel and if you take it steady it will easily do 50-55 mpg.

Best speed is in fourth between 60-80 mph, but probably seems faster than it really is.

In first and second the revs run out to quickly and third is quite long and boring. Good at cruising on the motorways though. Mines done 55,000 since new and has only given problems once when the alternator did something wierd. Replaced under warranty.

The handling and steering on the new shape Astras is so much better than the old Vectra. Throttle seems a bit wierd for a start though because it uses some strange `go by wire` system.
Astra 1.7/2.0dti driving comparisons - jc
You won't get performance and low CO2/fuel comsumption;it's one or the other.
Astra 1.7/2.0dti driving comparisons - kevin babij
Just changed to my first diesel the 1.7dti estate from my 10year+ Subaru Legacy out of neccessity (600 mile run to Aberdeen from Lincs twice a month)
It`s no barnstormer but as i`am paid mileage the less it drinks the more beer vouchers i have to spend.
Once it`s upto the steam it`s fine and have you ever seen the Astra vans going at anything less than full pelt on the motorway.
Astra 1.7/2.0dti driving comparisons - Mobile Office

I changed to a Vauxhall Astra 1.7 DTi 2 months ago from a 2.0 16v Cavalier. Granted, the acceleration is sacrificed, but the consistent 55-60 mpg I get in return makes it a far less bitter pill to swallow. I love the car, and it cannons along the M56 at 80 mph quite happily.

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