2003 1.4 Car wont start, intermitently - fras
I have a 53 plate C3 1.4 HDI 16V turbo diesel

It has twice failed to start, in the last month, problem is everything works fine except the actual ignition switch, all instrument lights iluminate when key is turned to first position, central locking works as do all other electrics but when i try to start the car, nothing happens, no power going to starter if i put the headlights on and turn the key to start there is no dimming of the lights, indicating no power going to the starter, anyone have idea as to cause?
I have checked all fuses (OK) and soaked all electrics with WD40
If you bump start the car everything works perfect until the next time it doesn't start help

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2003 1.4 Car wont start, intermitently - piston power
When you turn the key is there a feed to the starter? any voltage there with test lamp etc?

Bump starts engage the starter to turn over, it may just be a faulty starter solonoid or require terminals cleaning up.

Ignition switch to check aswell.
2003 1.4 Car wont start, intermitently - fras
Unfortunatley i never checked for voltage at the solenoid last time it failed to start , although i did put the car in gear and rock it back and forth thus negating a sticky starter, i will check voltage to solenoid next time it happens,
Thanks for the reply

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