ka or Yaris - Sally
I have got a Ford Ka at the moment. I like the look of the Toyota Yaris. Would it be a good idea to change?
RE: ka or Yaris - honestjohn
Dear Sally,


Honest John.
RE: ka or Yaris - Bob White
I've just got a Yaris. 1 Litre.

V good. But the driver's seat kills my back. Did long test drive but the trouble became obvious after I had owned it for a week or so.

Oh well, got to keep it now - I make cars last 10 yrs.

Any ideas on help?
RE: ka or Yaris - Martyn (Back Room Moderator)
I'm biased. I've had a Ford Ka for two and a half years, and I like it as much as I did the day I brought it home from the showroom. I've also driven the Yaris, and in comparison to the Ka I found it to be boring and bland. And i.m.h.o. (though, as Honest John says in his book "Motoring Answers", you either love' em or hate 'em) the looks of the Ka are a thousand times better than those of the Yaris.

Incidentally, I have a lot of lower back pain (lumbago -- a pain in the arse), and as long as I wind the Ka's seat up fairly straight, I can drive two or three hundred miles in a day without any discomfort.

Finally, before the weekend is out, you can read Honest John's road test of the Yaris here at honestjohn.co.uk.

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