Golf Mk4 Steering rattle - Michael
Hi, I have a brand new golf 1.6mk4 (1500 miles) that has developed a rattle that appears to be coming from the top of the steering column/behind dash area at 40mph & above. It sounds like a piece of plastic being tapped intermittently with a pencil and corresponds with the road vibration. If I grab the steering wheel and push upwards, the noise stops. When I let go, the noise returns. I have moved the adjustable column in/out/up/down to no effect. I have booked the car in with the dealer for next week but am interested to hear if this is a known problem?
Re: Golf Mk4 Steering rattle - Andrew Barnes
My new Golf 1.8T had numerous rattles, most of them are fixed, but a few are persistant.

Re: Golf Mk4 Steering rattle - Mike
I have exactly the same problem on my mk iv Golf. It is intermittant though and you guessed it - every time it's in at the dealer it doesn't do it!

If you put your hand on top of the dash it also stops.

Pls let me know how you get on so I can tell them what it is - am a little worried about them taking the dash apart though.
Re: Golf Mk4 Steering rattle - UPDATE. - Michael
ok, all fixed. The dealer replaced the dashboard insert (basically the assembly that contains the speedo, tacho and all other instruments). No fuss, no mess, problem solved. A gold star for the dealer but a black mark for the assembly plant who also managed to forget to put all the screws in in the centre console assembly. All fitted now, though.

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