IQ - my thoughts - daveyjp
Saw one yesterday and had a good look around. The IQ is smaller than the Aygo - it still seats 4, but the boot will just about fit a phone book - stood on it's end.

The yes/no are what our mid spec Aygo has compared to the IQ - our Aygo also has 5 doors.

Full spec:

1. 15" alloy wheels - No
2. privacy glass - No
3. heated, electric door mirrors - No
4. colour keyed door mirrors - Yes
5. side turn indicators on outer door mirrors - No
6. colour keyed bumpers - Yes
7. LED stop lamp - No
8. manual air con - Yes
9. radio, cd, 6 speakers incl MP3 readability & aux in - Yes
10. leather steering wheel with audio switches - No
11. leather gear shift knob - No
12. tilt and power steering - No tilt but PAS
13. 9 airbags - no 4
14. ABS with brake assist - ABS yes
15. EBD(electronic brake force distribution) - No
16. VSC/TRC - No
17. power door lock - Yes
18. keyless entry - No
19. power windows - Yes
20. toneau cover - Yes

On the premium addition

1. automatic air condition - No
2. smart entry (boot and doors) - No
3. push start - No
4. rain sensors - No
5. dusk sensors - No
6. electric retractable, heated door mirrors - No
7. electrochromatic rear view mirror - No
8. front fog lamps - No
9. high gloss 15" alloys - No
10. darkned bi-halogen headlamps - No
11. chrome rear light clusters - No

What really scared me were the rear seats - no boot therefore no crumple zone and the rear seats didn't look to be constructed in a manner which makes you safer in a rear end smash (unlike the smart seats) - rear seats almost touch the rear window. I was fobbed off with an answer that the car has NCAP 5* - it may have but that doesn't test rear end shunts.

Entry IQ is £9,500, premium £10,500.

Our Aygo was £7000.

Worth it? You decide!
IQ - my thoughts - Lud
Is this a sort of obese world version of the rock bottom market niche already sketched by the Tata company but experiencing political difficulties in India apparently over the siting of the factory and related matters? Tata for Now you might say.

Actually that isn't a bad recession-chic slogan for when Tata gets it off the ground...

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IQ - my thoughts - Dipstick
Better than "You can afford a Ford" anyway.
IQ - my thoughts - mattbod
I agree what others have said: this car is being marketed as a fashion accessory for urbanites and not as an economical runaround. I too would point in the direction of the C1 which seems to have the best prices out of the triumvirate.
IQ - my thoughts - stunorthants26
I like the car on paper - its cheaper than a Mini atleast which, by all accounts is the most expensive bit of plastic jewellery you can buy ( how they can revise a car to be less attractive than the first generation is beyond me - much prefer the MK1 BMW Mini ).

Its different atleast - it will be interesting to hear what they have done re rear impacts because every accident ive been in has been some twit rear ending me while stationary!
IQ - my thoughts - rtj70
I like the idea of a rear airbag - it will probably end up in more cars. Says he who was rear ended by an HGV.
IQ - my thoughts - Bill Payer
>>Says he who was rear ended by an HGV.

Do you think an airbag would have helped?
IQ - my thoughts - rtj70
If there were rear passengers they would have died in our example with the roof caving in. With a rear airbag, depending where it deployed from, then it might have protected them. Being hit from behind by an HGV is a bit extreme (and that HGV got hit by a tanker too).

For me I got my head ripped open at the back from the roof creasing. And it's well below the level of a headrest too. Did not have much time to look at the state of the car when collecting the remainder of luggage and police prevented photos being taken.

Personally see a reason for even more airbags that deploy due to rear collisions.

IQ - my thoughts - daveyjp

Looks like an inflatable cushion you take on an airline. I doubt it would be good enough to ward off a 38 tonner!
IQ - my thoughts - rtj70
Nope. It would not help much in that instance. but they do call it a "curtain shield".

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