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I've bought at auction a number of times ( 5 times in 25 years ? ) including my first ever car, a Citroen GS X2 in 1984ish, and my current car, a 51 Focus 1.6 Zetec that I bought for 7500 in Mar 2003.

I'm no expert, but have always picked up a decent motor for sensible money.

I had a 'window shopping' look at BCA Newcastle yesterday, and saw some good bargains, but sorry didn't take notes for a detailed report.

My Focus is still a going well. and is still on original exhaust, clutch, battery, starter motor, alternator etc.

Apart from regular servicing, tyres and brakes, the only bills i've had are sub £100 to replace a hydraulic pipe (between clutch pedal and gearbox), and sub £100 to diagnose loss of power and replace HT leads and plugs to fix.

I don't need to change, but I am tempted and may keep the Focus in the famly and move my mother's Punto on.

Anyway, enough background ....... to the point

There were some uber bargains yesterday in the Finance Section (reposessed), for cars with no V5 or other paperwork.

I know , if it was reposessed might not have been well looked after etc.

I know, future value is a problem, but I buy cash and keep cars for a good while.

I'm not averse to a little risk. I can afford to take a hit, but I'm tight and like a bargain.

So, how does it work when there is no V5 at auction ?

Presumably, the seller does own the car, and I'm covered by auction procedures and conditions there.

I guess I apply to DVLA for a new V5, and can't put the car on the road till that arrives.
Is there a special form or procedure ?

How long does that usually take, and are their any horror stories out there ?

Keeping the car in my garage for a few weeks while I move the Punto on wouldn't be a problem, if it meant making a bit of a killing.

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See this thread
Auction bargains - No V5 - looking4car
Thanks for that.

Lots of reasons to leave them alone, which makes me think it may be possible to pick up a bargain.

Has anyone got an idea how long you are likely to wait for the new V5 ?

As I said, wouldn't be a problem to keep the new car garaged for a short while. It may even be a blessing in disguise, as it gives a chance to sell the old one.

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Make sure both sets of keys are there. I bought one, and found the owner was very local to me.

Problem I only had one set of keys. Who had the other set was my worry. Also seconds keys nowadays can be very expensive to replace.

Just something to watch for.


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