06 1.9 "Cancheck" warning on 1.9 sporting - chriss
I have a grande punto on a 55 plate, 33000mile, I have had since new and had no problems, until yesterday. I came to start the car in the morning, and it did't seem right. The air bag warning light came on the digital dash board screen, my fuel gauge and temp gauge didn't work neither did my speedo and rev count. The ABS, brake, airbag and coolant light were illuninated, oh and the fuel low light was flashing, The radio didn't work and there was a message displayed on the screen, CANCHECK. has anybody come across this on there punto,and what does it mean? and how do I stop it??

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06 1.9 Cancheck on 1.9 sporting - Screwloose

The CAN system is the network that transmits data between all the computers on your car.

Clearly, something has disrupted that data flow and all the items displayed on the dash have lost their information inputs.

Take it to your dealer to have the CAN interrogated to see where the fault lies. It could be a wiring issue, or a failure of one node that had blocked data from all the others.
06 1.9 Cancheck on 1.9 sporting - chriss
Thank you both, thats great thanks. thats more info that the main dealer could give me on friday, they seemed bewildered by the fault......chris
06 1.9 Cancheck on 1.9 sporting - TedCrilly
GP owners are forever banging on about this issue in their various forums. Disconnect the battery for about 15 mins then reconnect it. This should restore all the dash functions and the radio. Then take it to the local FIAT dealer and ask for a proxy-realignment.....if you are lucky they might even do it under warranty.


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