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04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Hoodlumz
The clutch has started to slip on my diesel accord. After talking to my local Honda garage they have told me that it is a dealer-fit item as you need a special tool to remove and refit the clutch. I intend to get the parts myself for my mechanic friend to fit them as he will be much cheaper than the £695 for 6.9 hours labour only Honda wants. The clutch and release bearing are another £242 (original Honda parts) but I have been advised that it is wise to fit a new dual mass flywheel at the same time.

Can anyone advise me of the following:
1) Do you need the special tool, if there is such a thing?
2) Is it essential to replace the dual mass flywheel also?
3) Is it possible to convert to a single mass flywheel to save money?
4) Are there any aftermarket clutch kits for the Honda diesel engine?

Any other relevant advice would be much appreciated.


04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Altea Ego
I would be worried about letting my "mechanic friend" do this work if he doesn't know the answers. why not ask him?
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Hoodlumz
Obviously I have discussed it briefly with him but I was after a second opinion.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - gordonbennet
I don't know any of the answers you require other than to suggest you stop driving the car immediately if you haven't already.

A slipping clutch will overheat the DMF and finish it off completely if its not already US.

04 2.2 Slipping clutch - TurboD
I didn't evem know Honda's went wrong! let alone had the same afflictions a a mere Ford.
But as for special tools- garghares have for years got round this by making them - or by gtting them from factors- Sykes Pickavant make most tools, but there are often locking tools used to undo flywheels that are made for the car.
These again are oftehn made by mechanic from angle iron and other metal that is suitable with a bot of wwelding.
However, all that takes time and time is money, especially as if they may never meet another Honda Accord- they are rare, whereas another Ford will be along soon enough to get the tools for.

If you mechanic has the resources the tools will be made- but it will take time and money.
It is a bit new to start hacking it up though, I would be thinking about the residuals,but there again big cars are not worth much nowadays, I have one!
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - grease monkey
i hope your mechanic friend knows what he`s letting himself in for,the clutch is a monster job to do on an accord diesel,the front subframe needs to come out along with the steering rack etc .the special tool that is rerquired is to compress the clutch pressure plate to enable it to be removed from the dual mass flywheel,did they give you a price for a new flywheel ? i hope you are sitting down when you hear how much it costs.the flywheels do let go occassionally on honda diesels but not nearly as often as rival manufactures cars do so i would get it examined first before you hand over any cash
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
GM, I read that with interest - doesn't sound good.

The clutch on my '05 diesel has started to judder slightly when cold. It's fine when warm, but should I be scared that this is an impending big bill, or am I just lucky that it hasn't done this before?
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - grease monkey
well gordon the price alone for the dual mass flywheel is about £925 inc vat ,so yes it could lead to a very expensive bill if you have clutch trouble on any of the hondas that use the 2.2 i-cdti engine
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
£925!! Blimey. I think that I'll be taking up the offer of the £250 years extension to the Honda warranty. Comes with AA cover as well, so seems pretty good value.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - rtj70
A clutch is a wear item so will not be covered by a warranty - that's my guess. Same would apply for the DMF?

I know Mazda is one of the only manufacturers to cover clutch replacement up to 9000 miles for any reason including driver error.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
The clutch wearing out is fair enough - I'd expect to pay for a replacement. The flywheel shouldn't be a consumable though, and I would expect it to be covered. Naive?

Certainly Warranty Direct list the flywheel as being specifically covered by their policies. Much more expensive than extending the Honda policy though...

Edited by Gordon M on 20/11/2008 at 18:33

04 2.2 Slipping clutch - rtj70
I was thinking the clutch wearing and in turn damaging the DMF. Probably worth extending the warranty anyway, especially as it comes with AA cover too (reduces the cost a bit).
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - nortones2
I should read the small print of the "extended" warranty, if you can get it! IIRC, having been sold one a couple of years ago, its not an extension of the Honda warranty, but a warranty offered by generalist third party, more akin to white goods cover. I couldn't get a straight answer until I saw the T&C...... The dealer staff bull it up, and glissade neatly over the details. Computer not working etc.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
Nortones, thanks, I'll check that.

04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
Just in case anyone is interested.

I took up the £250 'Honda Happiness' warranty today (while the car was passing it's first MOT without any problems). As standard it is £400, but I asked my usual dealer if they would match the offer of £250 and, having phoned Honda, they were happy to do so.

As far as I can tell, having read the small print, it really is an extension of the manufacturers cover. It covers: "all mechanical and electrical components PLUS oil seals, casings, working materials, the cat" but excludes "body, glass, paint, interior/exterior trim, batteries, exhaust and airbags". The car must be serviced at a Honda authorised dealer.

That's the extent of the exclusions. It doesn't have a minimum claim, a maximum payment, and includes a years AA cover. I'd say that's a bargain.

Now here's hoping I don't have to use it.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - rtj70
Sounds reasonable price to me - I assume it excludes wear items like clutches too?

I hope you don't have airbag problems like I did on a Passat - it never went off but had intermittent problems.

Auto Express had an interesting article on some warranties whereby the payout was limited in terms of maximum payout. And it was not that high.
04 2.2 Slipping clutch - Statistical outlier
Yes, sorry, should have mentioned that wear items are not included, although there is an option where you could do so. I didn't even ask as I presume it would be hideously expensive.

As it is, clutch plates would not be covered, but the DMF would be, for example.

Edited by Gordon M on 07/01/2009 at 17:33


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