03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
A few weeks ago this fault came up along with the fault diagnosis light. This was diagnosed as a duff coil by a local free-lance garage. The coil pack, which smelled a bit burnt at one end, was replaced and the fault went away. Now the fault has been indicated again. On the screen there was a brief flash of "Catalytic converter" followed by "Anti pollution fault" and a flashing fault diagnosis light plus lots of beeps. Now when I start the car I get a brief "Anti pollution fault" and the fault light stays on but is steady - no flashes no beeps no mention of Cat. Otherwise the car behaves as it always has i.e engine shakes for a short while on starting then behaves impeccably.
I have looked this fault up on other forums and everyone seems to have their favourite solution. This seems to boil down to trying any combination of four of which only the last will work after you have forked out 400 quid for each of the previous three. I have no idea whether there is a 2 litre diesel version of this car but this one is petrol driven (fnf engine?).
The defeatist attitude is that this is a known fault with Peugeot cars but as is the Peugeot way they won't aknowledge it plus the fact that no-one seems to have much faith in Peugeot garages being any the wiser anyway. (Any recommendations for one near Worcester?)
All polite suggestions from members of this forum gratefully received.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

Your engine code is RFN - no 2.0 HDi version.

The "A-P fault" is a generic - "I have a fault-code stored." The cat message and the flashing MIL light means; "This code has cat damaging potential."

First things first; what make of plugs are fitted and how many miles have they done?

What code was found to make the garage suspect the coil? Coilpack faults are rare on this engine. [Big difference to the smaller ones...]
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
Thank Screwloose for reply. I was being a smart-a and picked out the wrong letters - sheer ignorance. The number in the windscreen window is VF32DRFNF.
Car was obtained s/h fairly recently but no indication if/when plugs were changed, total mileage about 32000. Can't check plug make due to imminent removal of self from vicinity by better half, will do so when allowed.
Never occurred to me to check the code, for some reason 230 sticks in my 3/4 of a century old brain but I'm not convinced. At the time nothing showed on the garage owner's hand-held device but by chance a man from Peugeot was there with software on his laptop which produced a number and a diagnosis which I can't recall; this number was fed into the garage's larger computer and produced a part number for the coil pack. There was a definite smell of roast plastic about one end of the old coil pack when removed. (In case the sudden appearance of "a man from Peugeot" sounds fishy I trust the garage owner.)
However I have just started the car to check the mileage whereupon it gave three beeps and the fault indications disappeared but now the trip mileage won't clear!
So now I don't know where I am.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
p.s. Probably ought to change the plugs as a matter of course, what make do you recommend please?
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - Screwloose

I always fit dealer's plugs - who need to take compatibility risks with cars these days.

P0230 is fuel-pump relay related. Doesn't quite fit your fault - although it's a common PSA group code.

If the light has been back on post-coilpack replacement; then having the code[s] re-read is you next move.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
Thank you for that. We'll see what happens next.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
For interested parties! A year later and still have this, I was going to say problem but as we now ignore it - no problem! It only appears if the engine is allowed to idle for 20 seconds plus, when starting from cold. If you take off straight away no problem. If not, every sign of the engine choking itself, then sundry beeps, engine fault light on, messages about cat failure etc. This will continue to the end of the journey however long or short, then clears until the next cold start (again unless you don't allow the engine to idle). I recently took it in for a service and mentioned this and they ran a diagnostic and said there was nothing wrong with it! I couldn't seem to get across to them that the engine needed a cold start. Then the bloke in reception said in an off hand way that someone thought it might be a sticky tappet. This rang a bell, I am sure I read somewhere that you could fit tappets from another engine that were slightltly smaller. I doubt I shall ever do anything about it but if anyone has come across this solution and can point me in the right direction it might stir me into action! And how major an operation would changing tappets be on this engine? (2 litre)
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - Armitage Shanks {p}
I can't see how changing the tappets could help. They are part of the valve gear and (SFAIK) come in a particular size for a particular engine. They do not come in variable sizes. Pistons do but not valves and associated top engine parts. Standing by for correction by the learned ones!
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
Thanks for response. I think the logic is that as the engine behaves as if severely choked, possibly caused by a sticking tappet holding an inlet valve open until things warm up a little. By which time the cat is befouled and and all warning systems go into overdrive. Some one discovered (how?) that the cam followers or whatever the equivalent in some other engine were suitable replacements and marginally less in diameter. It may be that as the fault is not reported in later models as far as I know that if this is the problem and solution, tappets for a later model might do the job. But I cannot remember where I read this and was hoping that if someone could enlighten me and also inform me how difficult the job might be to change them.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - ChicksFan
My own personal opinion is that although Peugeot state 2 years/20,000 miles between oil and oil filter changes I change my own oil and filter more frequently than that. Even with fully synthetic I'd never exceed 10,000 miles between changes.

The usual solution to your problem is to replace the hydraulic tappets with those for the 1.8 engine. If you get a Peugeot dealer to do the job for you expect a bill of around £800.

Search "tappets" on the forum www.peugeot206cc.co.uk and you'll find plenty of comment.

03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
Cheers Ron, thanks very much. sorry for tardy reply.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - freebaze
i have a 206 s16 2.0 03 and i have the same problem no one can fix it in here :P my problem is that i have a turbo put on the car and its not the original i have the check engine light on and when i accelerate and the turbo starts it just starts missfiring i changed 2 O2, 2 coils, map sensor, injectors plugs , checked the injectors at bosch they said nothing wrong with it if its good for u to know when they installed the turbo on my car they removed the catalytic convertor im have problems with code p0300 and p0155 any help plz any ideas who fix it can have it :P thanx anyways
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - cholin
Final word?
Months later, still doing it, ignore it. If I can get away without letting the engine idle on first starting it, usually doesn't happen. If it does lights and beeps eventually go away.
03 2.0 Anti pollution fault - sue123

hi ive had my peugeot 206cc for 12 weeks now with 35k miles its an 03 plate! i was driving home from work and anti polllution fault came on screen and engine management light stayed on! then a minute catalyic converter fault came in screen engine management light started flashing and my car seemed to go i idle mode! i took it to peugeot dealer who diagnosed upstream and downstream oxygen sensors and it needed 4 new spark plugs when they quoted me £555 i took it to my local garage and they were gonna charge £220 unfortuately they had to replace my catalyic converter as the old one was broken! so ive had the work done a week now on £360 later and im still getting the same faults appearing! the garage is now suggesting i get the coil pack changed at another expense at £140, im at my wits end i cant afford to keep paying out for parts that is not solving the problem, ive got 4 diagnosis codes p0131, p0170, p030 and the last code is an undocumented code p01339, i would really appreciate any help on this.

many thanks



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