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2005 2.0d timing belt/chain - jagman2005
Does anyone know if 2.0d has a timing belt or chain and the changing intervals

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 22/10/2008 at 23:33

2005 20d timing belt/chain - Alby Back
Hi Jagman, it's a chain so it doesn't need to be changed. It's pretty much the same engine as fitted to Mk3 Mondeos so it should, if my experience is anything to go by, be very reliable. There are those on here who will tell you that it is only a matter of time until the DMF fails or the injectors lose their codes or something but fortunately my car and indeed the last three like it can't read and don't know this........


Do you like your car ? I still sort of fancy trying one of the Jag diesel estates at some time. The chain cam engine being a strong attraction for me.

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2005 20d timing belt/chain - jagman2005
Thanks for replying so quickly, I have looked at various postings re X-Type and almost feel guilty that mine has not posed any major problems, have owned from new and done 53k miles now.
2005 20d timing belt/chain - injection doc
I had a few & the last was the 2.2d. All I can say was brilliant, loads of grunt, excellent for high milage & never a breakdown
I Doc
2005 20d timing belt/chain - jeremy99
Is it true to say that a timing chain does not need to be changed?

Its not in the service schedule but does not have an unlimited life. My VR6 had a near miss with the chain at 130k miles - I was ignorant of the risk and symptoms but eventaully found bits of the sound deadening guides lodged in the timing covers before it failed.

Sod of a job with the chain at the clutch end and I laughed like anything when I read Audi's more recent V8 puts the timing chain righ up against the bulkhead (just like an old Citroen DS).

From what I read 100k miles is safe for a timing chain but after that it's anyones guess.

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