2003 1.5 DCI Electrical problems - Rachjayneh
I have been having lots of problems with my Renault Clio 1.5DCI Dynamique recently and wondered whether any one has had similar problems and/or can provide any advice.
About 2 weeks ago the coil light on the dash was sporadically coming on and subsequently I was only able to start the car intermittently. So I took it to a local garage, that I have been using for a number of years who told me the glow plugs needed replacing, so they replaced them for me.
This seemed to solve the problem for a week, after whcih time the problem started again. So i took it back, again. They then couldn't work out what the problem was because it was intermittent and therefore sent it off to a Diesel specialist, who diagnosed (for £200) that it was the relay and that they neeeded replacing.
The car came back fine. But another 2 weeks later and I tried to drive it home last night, got into the car, turned the ignition, all the dash lights came on and then just as I was about to start the ignition, having waited for the coil light to go out, all the dash lights went out and I was therefore unable to start the car. I subsequently tried a number of times to start the car, only to see a select few lights on the dash coming on, but interestingly no CD player or clock would work. This implied to me that perhaps the battery was flat. After sitting for 1/2 hour the car still wouldn't start. I had to be recovered, so it has now gone back to this dealer, AGAIn! The recovery mechanic seemed to think it was an immobiliser problem or ignition, he wasn't sure.
I am obviously not happy having already forked out £300. Is this a common problem? Is it repairable? Any advice would be most appreciated.
Thank you in anticipation.

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2003 1.5 Electrical problems DCI Dynamique - Screwloose

The glow-plug light is also an engine-management malfunction indicator.

What fault-codes were found - paradoxically, it won't come on for glow-plug faults; even if a glow code occurs; so it wasn't anything to do with the glow-plugs anyway.

Your latest fault sounds like a tired wiring, ignition switch, or corroded main fuse problem. The only way to find it is to systematically test all the main circuits to see where the break is.

If your garage doesn't have an electrical expert - good luck.
2003 1.5 DCI Electrical problems - forestclio

Just read your thread and it reminded me of some problems I had with my Clio last year. Similar intermittant problem with the engine management light and I also went to my local garage and they suggested glow plugs. Had these fitted and still the intermittant problem so took it back and ended up having to go to renault for a proper diagnostic (local garage didnt have full software to do this)

The terrible news was that one of the injectors had failed and so needed to be replaced. (car had 91k miles, i'd only bought it 3 wks before. Looking back I thinks its likely that the previous owner had had a problem and the code had just been "cleared" so the warning light went off and then he Part Xd it ASAP)

The even worse news was that they only sell injectors as a set of 4 and the cost was £600 ish to supply and fit. Tried GSF and the like but only Renault UK sold them. Aurguing, complaining to Renault UK, internet research and picking brains of numerous clio specialists couldn't come up with another option so I had to fork out for the work. Even more annoyingly the warranty I'd paid £170 would only cover one so the payout only covered the cost of the premium. Feel I was totally stung by the previous owner/ garage and Renault. I understand that it is good practice to change all at once but when you've just paid for a new car, the last thing you need is a £600 bill, oh, plus the £120 for glow plugs which probably weren't necessary! It really too the biscuit when the jumped up spiky haired muppet at the Renault delaership told me it was "just like buying half a dozen eggs, you can't only buy one can you?" I think he may still be suffering from hearing loss.. Can you tell it still smarts a year later?!

I do hope that isn't what is wrong with yours but the symptoms sounded similar. If it helps, I did find someone on the internet who does refurbished injectors but couldnt get one in time and I needed the car. I still have mine languishing in the cupboard and keep meaning to do something useful with them!

Anyways, again, I hope its not the problem but thought it might give you a heads up. The clio has been good ever since (she says quickly touching wood) and regularly turns in 68 - 70 mpg so we're pretty happy now :)

Best regards,

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