Nissens radiators - a good brand? - mfarrow

19 years of cyclic heating and cooling have finally taken their toll on the Escort's moulded plastic radiator end sections, which have deformed and separated from the core. So I now need a new radiator.

There are loads of sites out there but few tell me what brand of radiator they supply. Valeo do not make one it seems, and the only other branded radiator I've seen is Nissens. They're cheap but are they any good?

Overall prices seem to be static at around £70 but one site sells radiators for £30 more though I can't see any difference other than a lifetime warranty.

Cheers chaps.

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Nissens radiators - a good brand? - 659FBE
No problems at all with Nissens - good fit and plated core.

Offerings from Behr and Ordonnez very poor (fitted to PSA diesel).

Nissens radiators - a good brand? - jc2
I've used Serck and never had problems.
Nissens radiators - a good brand? - Simon
If the old one has survived for 19 years then I would guess most replacements should see the car out.
Nissens radiators - a good brand? - jc2
Serck offer exchange-I've taken in extremely grotty ones and received what appear to be new as replacement.
Nissens radiators - a good brand? - Number_Cruncher
I agree that Serck are good - Nissens are also good radiators, the only criticism I have is that the adaptor fittings they supply to allow one radiator to fit a number of models are a bit poor - in particular, I will usually not fit the plastic blanking plug, but, instead fit a pattern brass bodied radiator fan switch to seal the hole instead.

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Nissens radiators - a good brand? - mfarrow

Thanks for all the replies so far.

Just been on the phone to the Nissens dealer - thought I'd bought one but then they said the rad was boxed by Nissens but is actually made by PMA ??? in Leicester.
Nissens radiators - a good brand? - mfarrow
Well the Nissens/PMA radiator fell through so I have to find one locally. Turned up a 'new old stock' rad in Coventry for £30+VAT. Connections are fine and it feels solid. At least it doesn't leak!

The new rad is made by International Radiator Services.

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