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I have a 2000 KA, recently it has started creaking over speed bumps which someone has suggested is due to worn suspension bushes, i dont know a great deal about cars but when i called my normal garage I was quoted £175+VAT to have these replaced, is that a fair price?
the car is probably only worth about £650 so if thats the case im not sure its worth keeping.
00 1.3 Suspension bushes - jimbano

In my opinion, it is well overpriced, but that is dependant on the actual hourly labour rate of the garage that you use.

You should'nt be much more than £20 for the two bushes and about 1 hour per side for fitting. You can work it out from here if you know the actual garage labour rate.

Did they actually check the car over to tell you exactly what bushes were required or did they just quote you on your suggestion?

Creaking noises sometimes come from the ball joints on the wishbones, which would then require replacement, but even the wishbones are not expensive for this model of car.

Hope this helps

00 1.3 Suspension bushes - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
If it is the bushes its more cost effective to renew the bottom arms with both bushes and bottom swivel pins. About 1/2 hour-45 mins a side. If you are keeping the car use Ford arms, if not, pattern arms will generally last a year or two.

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