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2001 1.6 Stalling problem - waue1978
I'm having a bit of a recurring problem with my Zafira & it appears to be a bit of a common fault. After hard acceleration down a short stretch of road it always seems to stall when I dip the clutch as I stop for the roundabout or junction. It isn't a permanent thing although there is a stretch of road about quarter mile where I live that I can always get this result without fail - as the clutch dips the revs drop to just about 500rpm then it stalls.

Having read up a bit, this does seem to be quite common, but most people seem to get this after long motorway runs while my car is actually fine after a motorway blast - just not when I give it a quick blast.

Where I've read there seem to be 2 possible causes - one school of thought is that the Idle Control Valve is carboned up & needs cleaning or replacing (I'm guessing expensive as apparently it's in the throttle housing) & the other suggests that the EGR valve is to blame & requires either replacement (& a lot of comments seem to suggest that the problem returns after a couple of thou miles) or blanking off by the dealer.

Here's a bit of background on the car:
it has 47k on the clock - suspect mostly from short urban trips.
Most of my driving is short urban trips.
It had a full service in March using genuine Vauxhall parts.
& I use Tesco fuel.

Can anybody help me before I spend a fortune getting a garage to systematically change all these parts until they found the cause or is it a combination of all these things anyway?

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