What's that noise? - Joe Flanders
I've owned a Renault Megane for 12 months and, from day 1, I've noticed what can only be described as an intermittent 'clunking' noise from the front of the car whenever I travel over uneven roads.

The car has been through an MOT and a full service yet nothing has been found to be amiss.

Renault have suggested that I leave the car with them for a day but the bank manager won't give me the go-ahead.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Droplinks? - David Woollard

Looked after a Laguna that suffered this one side then the other at about 14months and 14,000 miles from new. Turned out to be front suspension droplinks failing at the balljoint.

Was actually a right pig to produce the noise in the workshop but replacing them at £60 a side (parts cost) sorted it. Oddly both the new links have lasted over 35,ooo miles with no further problems.

Could be something similar on your Megane.

Re: Droplinks? - Joe Flanders
Thanks David,

Re: Clunk? - andrew smith
Had a similar problem with a Laguna. Turned out to be the bush at the top of the front suspension strut. Again the car passed an MOT in this state.
It was easy to see the problem when I finally went looking for it. Just open the bonnet and then shake the car from side to side. If you can see the top of the strut moving a lot then the bush has probably failed.

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