1995 TD heater blower motor problem - Pedro Iohanes
How do I check, and if necessary change the heater or heater fan motor on my 95/M Renault Espace?

The heater does not seem to work, (no life at all, apart from, when selecting the heating positions this seems to activate some sort of response, a whirring sound for a few seconds? But no heat, as far as I can make out, and no blower whatsoever in any position!

I have asked my local garage and they say that they have run a live to the heater and it still does not work?

(How would I repeat this check myself, just to make sure?)

Therefore according to them, its not the switch or the resistor?

They are quoting over £200 to do the job? Ouch!

Any advice on, how I make sure of the diagnostic myself?

Would a second hand replacement part do the job?

How difficult is repairing or replacing the part?

Any help and advice on the above questions would be more than appreciated.

Diolch/Thanks Pedro

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