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Best new supermini for under £7000? - ValiantSaint
Hi everyone. Me and the wife are looking to trade in our 06 reg Hyundai Getz in the next month for another "supermini" on a PCP deal to save some money. I was wondering which cars out of this class are worth buying? (Air Con is a must, as well as a frugal engine)

Let me give you some background on what I do, and what I need the car for. I'm Kitchen Manager for a local "Meals On Wheels" concern, so I do a lot of stop start driving, and I will need a big boot (as well as a strong clutch!) I also do about 30 miles a day on the A14.

I have been offered a 58 reg Ford Fiesta 1.25 Style Climate for £6995 (Outgoing model) for £139pm. Is this a good deal? I had one as a loan car and it seemed to drink fuel. Is this normal?

Thanks for your time :)

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Best new supermini for under £7000? - b308
How big a boot do you want? Large boots and Superminis don't really go together! Most stuperminis are below 300l - if you want bigger than that then you are looking at (probably) secondhand Supermini Estates/ Mini MPVs or the Toyota Yaris where the rear seats move forward.

BTW there seem to be a lot of 0% finance deals around at the moment that may be worth looking at.

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Best new supermini for under £7000? - ValiantSaint
Thanks for posting :)

If I could get away with the same size boot as my Getz I'd be happy, TBH. I had a Fiat Panda for 9 months, and the boot in that was ok, too.

I would like a Citroen C1, but It doesn't have a boot! The three cars I have in mind at the moment are: Ford Fiesta 1.25 Style Climate, Colt CZ1 and a Daihatsu Sirion (although a bit on the pricey side.....)

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Best new supermini for under £7000? - oldtoffee
Trading in your Getz like trading in any car at the moment might hurt a bit - £4,000 if you're lucky. That would get you into an older Fiesta which may be a bit more economical (you don't do many miles by the sound of it) with a slightly bigger boot and comparatively cheap to repair but you'll be walking away from the huge benefit of the 5 year warranty on the Getz that should include any clutch repairs. 30 miles a day on the A14 isn't going to kill the car or invalidate the warranty. Or, sell it for £4k and buy a half decent Mondeo 1.6 or 1.8 for £1K, keep your fingers crossed and if you can, avoid taking out finance.
Best new supermini for under £7000? - ValiantSaint
I'm on my 3rd clutch with the Getz ATM. The first one died in a day. The dealer I brought it from wouldn't help me, so I had to take it to another. This clutch went on for another nine months before that died (As the muppets only fitted a new clutch plate not a thrust bearing as well) The one I have now cost me over £300 (as the clutch only has a 24 month warranty) and has only lasted for four months! The car has pulled to the left from day one. I have had the car "tracked out" seven times, and it still does it.

I'm desperate to get rid of it. And I've only been told it's worth £2400 (With 39,000 miles on the clock)
Best new supermini for under £7000? - b308
OK I see why you want rid... but as said you'll be taking a hit no matter what - if you are definitely going ahead then can I suggest that you open up to the "pre reg" and up to 12m old cars... that way you can get some really decent stuff such as the Yaris and Fabia (amongst others) - they'll still be within the 3 year warranty period and you can even get something thats not just the base model.
Best new supermini for under £7000? - Mapmaker
The best? One that's still in the showroom. (With apologies to MichaelR...)

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