1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - welderjames
i have a 1995 2.5td bmw engined rangerover,,,,,how can i get a bit more power in the lower revs,,,under 2000 revs it is just so slow,,
also i plan to take it off road a bit more,,,do these models have an lsd,,
and also at tickover it has an annoying rattle in the enine bay area,,,,and i can not find where its coming from,,,,,,really doing my head in,,,,
and i know i should get myself a v8 and all my problems would be solved,,but that takes money,,,which i dont have,,,,,,anyway many thanks,james.


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1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - whatnow
hi never had experience with this specific type of turbo diesel motor but have had a few fords and vauxhalls with same complaint and a pal of mine just wound the wastegate further open I believe it was open anyhow it was the two sets of threaded rods ner the actual turbo he just turned the nuts on them to open the gate more which allowed the turbo to start cutting in a lot earlier and give a bit more boost a top end to and this never had any adverse effects on the cars in question
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - welderjames
right,,you could be on to something there as there is no problems with power after 2000 revs,,
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - Davidss
Manual or Automatic gearbox?
Poor performance at low engine speeds is 'standard' with these models, and is noticed most with a manual gearbox.
By 2000 rpm the turbo is up to pressure.
Standard boost is 15psi maximum.
The conventional answer is to fit some sort of Tuning box, ones from German tuning firms are probably more guaranteed to give the benefit you want, but in the UK try TD5 Alive, or Bell Tuning.
Best results come from increasing the Intercooler size, and re-mapping the existing chip, but this is more expensive. Try Jeremy Fearn.
There is another method, by adding pneumatic valves to the pressure sensing pipe before if reaches the actuator for the bypass valve, but this is a DIY method, where you have to be your own technical resource. The principle is explained and illustrated on the Autospeed on-line magazine site, using an Audi as an example.

The 38A Range Rovers are never fitted by Land Rover with an LSD.
All have a Viscous Coupling across the output shafts of the Transfer Box centre differential, to ensure both propshafts always spin at about the same speeds, but the axle differentials are open.
Traction Control is supplied on some models, by applying the brake(s) on the faster spinning wheel(s), but this was not part of the standard '95 diesel offering. It was also not offered on the 4.0 models, but was standard on the 4.6's, on only the rear axle. After 1999 it was standard on both axles, I think on all models, whatever engine was specified.
Note that with ETC came stronger axle differentials (4 pinion instead of 2 pinion).
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - welderjames
just an update,,its manual,,
also found the cause of rattle,,,the tensioner thing(like a little shock absorber)on the fan belt is gone,,causing the belt to be a bit slappy at low revs,,but when you spin it up it seems to tighten itself,,
so i have no lsd,,,thought as much,,,but i will go out and get stuck anyway,,,,
and i must price around and have a look on the tuning box thing,,see what best suits,,,
thanks for your replys,,,james,,
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I fitted a DieselPowerTuning DPT unit to an automatic one of these beasties and with a little fine tuning had it pulling much better at the bottom end. Improved the overall drive and economy as well.
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - Davidss
Watch that little tensioner thingy!!
Which is code for order one, download the Workshop Manual from Green Oval, so you know where to apply the long lever, and change the tensioner.

If you don't change it, the next failure mode is the belt falling off the pulleys, which stops the water pump, which means stopping straightaway, as in NOW, as soon as the charge light comes on, not a mile down the road where it's 'safe'. Otherwise you will be changing the head gasket, once your breakdown service gets you home.

BTW, Traction is surprisingly good, even without any axle difflocks, especially if you pick your tyres with care. It used to be that you could only get 'good' tyres for 16" wheels, but I understand good 18" tyres are available now.
Good in this context means tyres in a size to fit the 38A, that grip well on wet grass and light mud. In deep soft mud the over 2 tonne weight will always work against you.

If you haven't found it already, look at the www.Rangerovers.net site, and it's 38A forum.
Although American based there are a lot of Europeans on there, from both the UK and the mainland.

Good Luck
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - Hamsafar
I replaced two of these on my Omega due to a horrible rattle and the first (FEBI) part I replaced because it seemed to have gone the same way, but in the end I had to replaced the whole lot, arm and rollers, you can get them here...
Part no. 326110090

On the Omega, I had no luck levering the tensioner, and found it easier to refit the belts by fitting the belt to all pulleys except the viscous fan pulley to which I fitted the belt as best as I could and then used the large 32/34mm? spanner to turn the fan pulley while pushing the belt over it and it would pop on, sometimes I used the starter motor to flick it on, I recall doing something with a ball of wet kitchen roll to hold things in place while I went to turn the key, but it's too many years ago to replace. Good luck with levering it though, the battery was in the way on the Omega.

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1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - welderjames
thanks all,,,another update,,,,,,,,,i fitted the wee tension shock absorber thingy,,,very simple,,,,,
i undid the two bolts,,,completly removed the top brackcet,,,this allowed me to fit the new tensioner,,,put bottom bolt in just a couple or four threads,
then with a tyre lever ,eased it down untill the top bolt found its way home through the tensioner and the sleeve of the top bracket,tightened her up,and hey presto,,no more rattle at low revs,,,,
as for the tortoise power,,,im going to have a look on ebay for a tuning box,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,watch this space,i will let you know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - travis
Ref. rattle from the belt tensioner. I took the hypodermic needle from an printer inkjet refill kit & filled it with grease, remove the tensioner, I then drilled the tensioner with a hole that just took the needle, squeezed in some grease, tape over the hole & ?silence?

1995 2.5 td poor low rev performance - David Horn
We had ours chipped, made a world of difference. Not an easy job though, the guy ended up physically removing the EEPROM chips to reprogram them. We had the automatic, it was simply an engine that performed best at high revs.

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