1999 2.0 Front Wiper Problems - Record Collector
Hi everone, I'm a new member to this forum as I've just been told about it by a family member.

I've had my 406 V reg for 11 months and bought it from a friend. Ever since I've had the car the front wipers haven't worked properly. They only stay on normal speed for about 30 seconds and then park in awkward places and the same goes for fast speed. They don't work on intermittent at all and when they are used in conjunction with the washers they do about 9 swipes and stop anywhere.

This problem has now caused it to fail the MOT and I've had the car off the road now for 12 weeks trying to sort the problem. I took it to my local Peugeot dealer who diagnosed the problem as the wiper motor but wanted £200 to replace it so I decided to get a second hand one from eBay. This had the same problem so I got another one and it too had the same problem.

I've now replaced the BSI with a brand new one and had it coded to the car by my local Peugeot dealer but the problem is still there. I thought the wiper relay was incorporated into the BSI on the Peugeot 406 but please tell me if I'm wrong. I've also replaced the wiper switch. I'm now investigating the wiper motor and have noticed that when the wiper switch is in the normal constant wipe mode it does about 9 or 10 wipes and stops and the same with the fast mode. I've also counted the revolutions of the motor and it doesn't stop in the same place ie it may do 9.5 turns or 9.75 turns but the last turn is never a full one hence the reason for the wipers not stopping in the same place every time. Can this be a motor fault or a relay problem.

Has anyone had the same problem and has anyone got a solution to this problem?

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1999 2.0 Front Wiper Problems - Collos25
Put a 12v supply direct to the wiper motor and see if it runs continiously if so its the actual stalk or more than likely the timer relay.


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