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Car data check discrepancy? - strange but true
I am looking at cars for my son. He has found a car and agreed a price subject to a fairly knowledgeable friend doing another test drive.

The friend suggested we do an AA car data check.This is a well known reputable dealer.
The data check is showing the car is owned by the car manufacturer,as we were told,but it is showing as 5 door ,whilst it is actually a 3 door.

Is this most likely to be a simple error?

I intend to ring the dealeship tommorrow.

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Car data check discrepancy? - johncyprus
Very possibly an error by the garage admin, I once bought a 10 year old Golf GTI, some two weeks later I noticed that the V5 showed the vehicle to be recorded as a Golf GL, a phone call and letter to the DVLA resulted in a V5 with GTI thereon.

Similarily a friend bought a Honda motorcycle showing his red bike was recorded as blue, again easily remedied.
Car data check discrepancy? - strange but true
So should i ring the dealeship or dvla?
Car data check discrepancy? - Pugugly
Ask to see the V5 if they have it. They may have a copy - next check is with the DVLA or LVLO
Car data check discrepancy? - strange but true
I spoke to someone at the dealeship today,they said they were aware of it and they had informed dvla.

Does this mean I will not get the v5 if he buys the car,as they will have sent it to dvla?
Car data check discrepancy? - movilogo
Last time I got my insurance I was quite happy to get a low quote from a new insurer.

My happiness disappeared when I found in the certificate my car has been marked as a 3-dr one against 5-dr in reality - though regn. number was correct.

When I tried to explain the problem with insurer, they said they would rectify it BUT since it now becomes 5-dr there would be an increase in premium by £150!!!

I finally cancelled insurance with them [within cooling off period] and got from somewhere else.
Car data check discrepancy? - strange but true
Thats a thought.If he has got an insurance quote on the cars reg,it might be quoting for the 5 door.

I will get him to check again.

I spoke to dvla today.

They didn't mention being told about this by anyone else,but said he should write in with a covering letter if he bought the ca.

thanks guys this site is a mine of information.

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