Rear ended this morning - NickS
Morning all,

Having purchased a mint condition 96P Volvo 960 3.0 CD last week, some helpful person decided to smash into the back of it in the Mersey Tunnel this morning. Damage is not massive (not to my car anyway, the Focus has certainly seen better days!) but the nearside rear light cluster is smashes, and the bumper is hanging off. As I was stationery, the other driver has admitted fault.

My dilemma is that we are (meant to be) taking the car on a drving holiday to Europe next weekend. How do we stand with getting it repaired in time for departure? I have spoken to the other drivers insurance, who have suggested that given the cars value (£850) it may well be written off. If this is the case, can we buy it back and get it repaired at our own cost (GSF just quoted me £35 for the rear light, and a bumper from a scrapyard should suffice).

How do we stand with taking the car abroad if the insurance write it off next week?

Alos, can anybody recommend any good places to find 2nd hand parts?
Rear ended this morning - MichaelR
Telephone Helphire - They are an accident management company who will sort the entire process for you, including a like for like loan car, which you can use until you receive settlement.

The settlement process will take at least a few weeks, meaning you will have the use of a shiney new Volvo V70 or similar to take on your driving holiday.
Rear ended this morning - Alby Back
Seconded re Helphire. I had a similar situation a few years ago. I ended up putting 5000 miles on the Helphire vehicle during an extended European trip. :-)

Just make sure you tell them you intend to use it abroad. They will insist you have European breakdown cover but I guess you would have bought that anyway.

In my case they gave me a literally brand new Vectra estate in replacement for my somewhat careworn Mondeo estate.
Rear ended this morning - ijws15
There is another in Coleshill - Accident Exchange IIRC.

Wife had an Audi A3 2.0 TDI SE with a few extras fitted at no cost to her for a few weeks when someone hit her A2 2 years ago. Was delivered to her work the morning after her accident.

Far better than Tesco's replacement car that she had paid for but did not get.
Rear ended this morning - skorpio
Try German Swedish French parts.

Value my car