06 1.6 noisy engine - nisnote
my note has started to make squeaking sound,it could be coming from the timing chain,it comes and goes mostly when its damp.what could b causing this?
06 1.6 noisy engine - Screwloose

Could well be a squeaky fan belt; try a brief squirt of WD40 on to the belt when it doing it.
06 1.6 noisy engine - cheddar
Could well be a squeaky fan belt; try a brief squirt of WD40 on to
the belt when it doing it.


I hesitate to disagree Scewloose though if the fanbelt is slipping then WD40 will cause it to slip more. Checking the fanbelt tension would be a good start perhaps.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Screwloose

Yes; seems illogical, but an excellent test to see if the noise suddenly, but temporarily, ceases. If it does; it was the belt creaking or slipping and appropriate remedial action can be taken.

If it doesn't make any difference; then it's definitely not the belt and other sources must be explored.
06 1.6 noisy engine - cheddar
Yes; seems illogical >>

Though if the noise does cease then you not only have to tighten the belt, you also have to clean WD of the belt and pully etc before it will stop slipping.

Perhaps a better test is to turn all electrics on to create load on the alternator and see if that increases/triggers the squeak.

EDIT: And aircon and also see if using the steering from lock to lock enduces it, load on the PAS pump.

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06 1.6 noisy engine - Screwloose

You can't tighten a modern belt - it will just break. If it's been slipping, then it's cooked the rubber and has to be replaced. A single squirt of WD40 has a very limited effect; the squeak will return in about 20 seconds.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Collos25
I think you can tighten modern belts but the wd40 will just evaporate away.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Dynamic Dave
I used to silence noisy belts with WD40. Worked for up to 4 weeks at a time before the noise returned. The belts never seemed to suffer from the application of WD40. No sign of aging after 4 years of squirting them anyway.
06 1.6 noisy engine - scrapmetal
Done loads of these, you will need a new belt, squirting with wd will make it worse, but as screwloose says will temporarily stop the noise and tell you if it the belt, adjusting does no good im afraid!!
06 1.6 noisy engine - nisnote
I get the dealer to look in to this this week. Thanks for the advice.I need advice on another issue, when the air con switch is in on postition and the engine is started there is a loud clonking noise when it turns on is this normal, becaause when u turn the air con on with engine running its alot quiet.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Robin the Technician
Theres a cheaper option to WD40 - use water. I always pour water around the fan belt area of a squeaky belt. If it stops, its the belt. Easier to wipe water from your brow than WD40 (although WD40 is the mechanics preferred deodorant!!)

06 1.6 noisy engine - basildon
Hi ive had a squeaky fan belt noise on and off with my 06 1.6 auto for 18 months. been back to dealer a couple of times, he sprayed something on the belt which gave tempoary relief and also "tightened" the belt up on another occasion but the noise returned, tried the WD40, it only gave a minute or two's silence. I spotted Robins remedy of water Much cleaner to use and economical too, seems to be working at the moment, will let you know of any developments. Basildon
06 1.6 noisy engine - basildon
Last December I tried Robins remedy for a squeaky fan belt on my Nissan Note 1.6 Auto, and used a few drops of water around the the fan belt and pulley, and the squeak has not returned, it seems to have solved my problem. Thanks Robin
06 1.6 noisy engine again - nisnote
had the car looked at by dealer they could not find anything wrong with it ,they lubricated the pulleys etc. but the dreaded scheehing noise came back this morning it does not seem to come from the belts etc.it sounds like the top of engine it is loud just like the report of long term test in autoexpress it goes away after about 20mins.has anyone got any ideas whats causing it?

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06 1.6 noisy engine again - hamracing
I have a 06 1.6 Note and it has a noisy belt, when I went to the dealer he confirmed the belt was noisy but it was not covered by warranty and to stop it would take a new belt. I have looked into this and have spoken to other note owners and this is a very common fault so why havent Nissan recalled and replaced all the faulty belts. I say faulty because belts should last longer than 9000 miles and be covered by the warranty.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - wendy1
I hav a Nissan Note 1.6 SVE Auto, and i to have suffered from nosiy belts. I have had the car from new in march in 2006 and have reached 36000 miles. The belts were replaced last year, at a cost to me, and guess what? The belts are now screaming at me again!! So i presume i will have to have them replaced again. ( Yearly expense )
I have had lots of other niggles with the car, i think i had a "friday afternoon" one. Antt-roll bar link falls off, hub and bearing replacement, bracket to do with the steering falls off, and i also think that the automatic gear box doesn't respond as it should, late selection? But then what do i know? I'm only a mere woman.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - oilrag
I don`t know about the Nissan Note. But on my Punto van - 1.3 Multijet - the auxiliary belt only costs around £13 from the dealer. there`s an auto adjuster too, so that when fitting I just held that back with a spanner, while slipping the old belt off and new one on.

It took only 5 minutes to do and most of that time was spent drawing a diagram of the belt run - just to be sure I got it on right.

I`m writing this hoping that it`s simple on the Note and that subsequent DIY savings will make it a non issue.

06 1.6 noisy engine again - Halmer
My Nissan Qashqai makes a 'clonk' noise a couple of seconds after the ignition is fired when the AC is on.

Not sure what it is but I gather that it is normal.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - Dynamic Dave
More than likely the magnetic clutch kicking in for the AC compressor.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - nisnote
been to the dealer toget belt and tensioner replaced.this has stop the whiring squeak noise so i suppose the tensioner was faulty. but now i can hear the belt slipping for a couple of seconds when i start up or when i apply alot of steering lock any other time its fine,this didnt happen before.could it be one of the other pulleys causing this?
06 1.6 noisy engine again - wendy1
Hi, quick update on my note. I hve complained to Nissan customer service and they have replaced my belts again, foc, bless them. Fingers crossed!!
06 1.6 noisy engine again - nisnote
well been back to dealer to get new belt and tensioner fitted again foc, so far everything is quiet.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - BT Houston
I too have had squealing from the drivers side on a 2007 1.6 Note which sounded like a bearing failure. The noise - squealing and a rattling - became so loud I visited the local Nissan dealer and they diagnosed a failing Alternator pulley. Replacement part is on order and should be fitted next week. It certainly sounds as though the pulley is loose - the noise is more obvious when blipping the accelerator. The dealer mentioned that there have been several instances of pulley failure - either idler pulleys or component pulleys in 2007 Notes. If the repair is successful (or not!) I will post a confirmation.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - BT Houston
New alternator pulley and drive belt fitted last week under warranty. Squealing and rattling noise now gone! The dealer seemed familiar with
this problem so I assume it is not uncommon. I hope that the solution is reasonably long lasting; if it recurs in the next year or so it looks like a design or quality fault. Other members might find it worth asking their garage to check the alternator pulley and the idler pulleys if they are plagued with squealing.
06 1.6 noisy engine again - nisnote
well been back to dealer to get new belt and tensioner fitted again foc so
far everything is quiet.

>>well the squealing noise has returned. basically it squeal a bit on start up and when engine is under load ie powersteering,lights on,heated windows etc. it does it for about 10 or so seconds then its ok. i tried belt dressing spray that didn't work. going back to dealer for the third set of pulleys and belts,they cannot understand it either but they heard the squeal and confirm it is the belt. hope it third time lucky as my warranty runs out
06 1.6 noisy engine again - nisnote
well the squealing noise has returned.....


WELL the third set of pulleys and belt seem to do the trick, so if u suffer from noisy belts take it back to dealer to replace.so much for nissan quality controls.

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06 1.6 noisy engine again - wendy1
Another update. After 2 lots of belts being replaced, the noise is back. I printed off these pages and took it back to Nissan. They ordered a pulley and belts. But the
technician refused to replace the pulley as there is nothing wrong with it. Apparently West Way Nissan can't claim the money back if the part is not faulty. However, a bulletin has now been issued in response to the high number of complaints. A new type of belt has been issued and i am now waiting for one of those. I will keep you posted.

06 1.6 noisy engine - Hoseman
I would reccommend using a product called Belt Dressing Spray which is in common use in engineering workshops where there are machine tools . They claim a 50% increase in the drive transmitted by belts. Most engineering supply companies stock this product.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Sulphur Man
Animal fat, such as beef dripping or good old lard cures squeaking belts after persistent damp weather. Soften a lump of it on the hot radiator, then smear on the belt. It works and it lasts.
06 1.6 noisy engine - woz
Had same problem (1.6 auto) started at about 9000, since done another 15,000 on same belt. I sprayed belt dressing spray on the surface of the belt you can get it from most good independent car part shops and that did the trick. The belt tension is fine and its not slipping (checked myself).
06 1.6 noisy engine - Jim Reaper
My wife's Note 1.6 auto 14,000 miles started making a screech in the aux belt on start up especially in damp conditions. I asked an independent and was told nothing was wrong with the tension. I then tried the dealer we bought it from and despite the car being 21 months old he admitted a "flaw" in some belts causing them to glaze. They replaced the belt this morning FOC. I was reluctant to go back to them out of warranty but full marks to them for service in today's apathetic world.
06 1.6 noisy engine - Halmer
On the 1.6 Qashqais they have changed the composition of the aux belt because of this. I'm waiting to have a new one fitted as mine is squawking too.