1999 1.8 (petrol) engine oil level - jp147
I took my Ford Focus into the Ford garage yesterday to have the rocker cover gasket repaired as it had a slight leak. They also topped up my engine oil and coolant.
When I checked the oil level first thing this morning (before running the engine), on level ground, it was slightly above the max notch by about 2 to 3 mm.

After I checked the oil I drove to the shops about 4 miles away and after I had been in the shops (55 minutes after switching the engine off) I rechecked the oil level on the dipstick and this time it was 3 or 4 mm below the max notch.

In the Owner's guide it says :

"For an exact reading a cold engine should be run for a short time. Switch the ignition off and wait some minutes for the engine oil to flow back into the sump."

From what I have said do you think I have too much oil in my engine ?
1999 1.8 (petrol) engine oil level - oilrag

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1999 1.8 (petrol) engine oil level - Galaxy
No, stop worrying!

1999 1.8 What are the "symptoms" of an oil overfil - jp147
My cars engine oil dipstick, after being topped up by the garage, is (suprisingly - not!) 3mm above the maximum notch when checked first thing in the day. I know that this is a small overfill, probably no more than 200ml, but when I drive the car now it does feel slighlty different (e.g. driving uphill). I don't know if this is because the oil level BEFORE the topping up was only midway between MIN and MAX and now it has that bit more oil in it it feels different. Or do you think the oil level has become high enough in the crankcase to immerse the crankshaft in the oil and wouldn't this reduce the engines power. How can I tell if this is happening to my engine ? ?
1999 1.8 What are the "symptoms" of an oil overfil - Screwloose

I wouldn't worry about 3mm - not unusual; often more. The manufacturers build-in an "idiot tolerance" in the crank-to-oil clearance of about 25mm.

If the crank was hitting the oil you'd hear it - and the oil froth would be sucked up the breather. You'd be getting periods of loud pinking and a cloud of smoke bigger than the Torrey Canyon. [Now that'll date you...]
1999 1.8 Engine oil level technical question - jp147
This question concerns a Ford Focus 1.8 (Zetec E petrol) engine. Do you know how much engine oil e.g. in litres or millilitres, would have to be added to this engine, if it was already at the maximum notch on the engine dipstick, to cause the oil level in the sump to make contact with the crankshaft and cause problems or damage ?

Thanks again !
1999 1.8 Engine oil level technical question - Screwloose
This is now the sixth oil-related thread that you have started regarding your engine and it's minor overfill.

What is wrong with keeping it all on one thread and giving other posters a fair chance? If you have queries about existing answers; just reply to those posts.

now all merged, as related. ps, it's 3 actually ;o) - unless I've missed some?

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1999 1.8 A symptom of too much oil ?? - jp147
The garage claims on the invoice I got that the techniciain added 0.35 litres of oil to my engine (Ford Focus 1.8 ZETEC E) which I think was about half way between minimum and maximum on the dipstick before.

Now when I check the oil level on the dipstick on as level surfaces I have access to, I find that the level is either exactly on the maximum mark or if above only by about 3mm or so. (The distance between MIN and MAX is about 14mm on the dipstick and this is 1000ml of oil).

Whilst accelerating up an incline I just feel that the car drives/feels different (a bit sluggish) than before it was topped up by the technician. The engine revs freely when I press the accelerator while in neutral, so perhaps it is not the engine at fault). Also wouldn't it take more than 0.35 litre of oil to cause the crankshaft to whip through the oil in the sump and cause sluggishness ? What would the oil on the dipstick look like if this was happening to the engine e.g. small bubbles
1999 1.8 A symptom of too much oil ?? - jc2
It would take more than a litre of oil over the "full" mark;the oil would be whipped into a froth,put clouds of smoke out the exhaust,lose ALL your power and probably knacker the cat.Remember that the oil level is constantly changing as you brake,accelerate and corner.
1999 1.8 A symptom of too much oil ?? - quizman
2 to 3 millemetres above the max mark on the dipstick will not make a blind bit of difference to the performance of your car. Stop worrying and relax.

You could always keep wiping the dip stick with a rag untill the 323.257ml of oil is removed.

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