Smokey '91 Escort 1.8D - Brooky
I have just aquired a 1991 Escort 1.8D - non turbo - twin timing belts. It has used about 1 pint of oil in the last 1500 miles, yet smokes badly when leaving the lights and at other odd times.
Could it be the valve guide rubbers? If so can I get the springs off without disturbing the head if I am carefull about piston placement etc.
Smokey '91 Escort 1.8D - BrianW
Smoke when leaving the lights i.e. under acceleration is more likely to be excessive fuelling (worn injectors?) than oil being burnt. Fuel smoke is usually black.
Oil burning usually shows up when decelerating and the smoke is blue.
Smokey '91 Escort 1.8D - Brooky
Thanks for that Brian. I forgot to mention, what makes me think it is oil is that the smoke is blue, and smells the same as when a petrol engine burns a lot of engine oil?
Smokey '91 Escort 1.8D - Troubled Tom
Hi Brian,I have problems with blue smoke when decellerating, only when the engine is cold (and also misfires when cold). Is this worn piston rings and low compression? The car always starts fine, so i presumed this could not be problems with compression. It also doesnt seem to be burning any oil in the last 500 miles. The problem seems to go away when the engine is warm. Any ideas as to the problem? Could this be the same problem as yours Brooky?


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