What small auto? - DavidHM
Female friend has just erm... extensively restyled her 206 auto with the help of a hedge.

She's 22 and has an automatic only licence. Budget for a new one is £10k, cash, but low insurance and reasonable fuel economy are priorities as she does a fairly large mileage.

It needs to be a conventional auto, not a semi-automatic even though her licence would allow her to drive one. She's decided that she likes the old SEAT Ibiza - the only problem is that either she is going to get no discount because it'll be the last one in the country, or she won't get one at all.

Assuming that one doesn't come through for her (and never argue with a woman who's made up her mind) what else can she have, brand new, within budget? She's not a girl racer but defintiely no blokes' or old people's cars allowed, even though the classic buyer of a small automatic is a pensioner couple!

I have my suggestions of course but I'm hoping I'm not missing anything by suggesting that the closest she can get is a Polo Match 1.4 SE - £9,500 through drivethedeal/dealdrivers.
What small auto? - Avant
If you can do that sort of a deal on a Polo, you could probably do the same on a Corsa. A lot of other superminis, strangely, don't have an automatic option - at least, not according to What Car.
What small auto? - bintang
not according to What Car.

An unreliable source.
What small auto? - Happy Blue!
Loads of small Japanese and Koreans have autos. Kia Rio for one, all the Hyundais, Honda Jazz CVT, Suzuki Swift etc etc.

The problem with all these is the crushing fuel consuption. Much better with a Toyota Yaris MMT
What small auto? - Optimist
Isn't the MMT one of those automated clutch cars that turn out to involve a lot of effort to drive?

Jazz is nice but tends to be an old folks' purchase. Hyundai, I'd suggest.

What small auto? - runboy
The new Hyundai i10 comes in auto, and with the new 1.2l engine out in September, it might be worth a look. Just be prepared for a long wait though - latest news on ours is delivery late September whilst we placed one order for the 1.1l in April, revised to the 1.2l in June.
What small auto? - stunorthants26
Only problem with small VAG autos are the emissions - its what put us off buying one despite liking the cars, plus economy is very poor too.

Suzuki Swift auto is a 1500cc and as with the VAG cars, quite thirsty if sprightly.

How about a Micra auto if you can stand the looks or a Kia Rio which is much cheaper than may rivals so it offsets the higher running costs.
What small auto? - Berisford
Optimist wrote;
"Isn't the MMT one of those automated clutch cars that turn out to involve a lot of effort to drive?"

It is indeed and how anyone could describe the drive as anything other than diabolical I'll never know!

Manufacturers have strange way of looking at this UK VED/Co2 thing. If a potential buyer is prepared to pay an extra £1000 for a auto box then an extra £90 per year VED isn't going to put 'em off!

This buyer for one isn't going to pay extra for a bucking bronco no matter how much the sales team have been taught to drive 'em slowly when moving off.
What small auto? - spacem_uk
Would a Mitzubishi Colt 1.5 diesel suit her? Have heard good things about them, but not sure if full auto or semi-auto (clutchless manual).

What small auto? - retgwte
Perodua MYVI
Daihatsu Sirion II
Suzuki Swift

What small auto? - boxsterboy
I'm sorry retgwte, but you cannot seriously suggest to a 22-year old that she should drive a car named after an ice-cream (MYVI). The social stigma would be unbearable.
What small auto? - Alby Back
Yes what is it with today's young ? I was made to drive a Wolesley Hornet when I was 17. I even felt grateful at the time despite the fact that all my friends had motorbikes. Didn't care though because all their girlfriends wanted to come with me in the car ;-)
What small auto? - Pugugly
Green ?
What small auto? - Alby Back
Two tone green "ectually" ( sniffs haughtily ) Dark green roof pale green body. Pale green leather interior. Why, could we have met ? Or perhaps I met your gf ?


Crikey I've managed to lash up "Wolseley" again :-(

Edited by Humph Backbridge on 28/07/2008 at 18:50

What small auto? - Pugugly
Flash Git.

"Or perhaps I met your gf ?"

You'd know by know - you'd be poor but very tax efficient. She once courted a man with a brown Hillman Imp though....

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