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02 D5 - engine cuts out. - portacabin1
can anyone help? i have a 2002 v70d5 with a good service history by a main dealer volvo agent the problem is when driven normally it cuts out after about 6/10 miles. It runs very well with no smoke and starts well, however if driven hard it gives no problems.

many thanks portacabin1

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02 D5 - engine cuts out. - gmac
I assume fuel filters have been replaced with no joy ? It sounds like a filter problem.
02 D5 - engine cuts out. - gmac
Tank lift pump. Has this been checked ?
They were changed around 2003/04 as they had been causing problems.
02 D5 - engine cuts out. - portacabin1
Sorry it was so long to respond, but i have had a lot of confusing trouble with this car.
As i was driving home from the people i bought it of, nice and steady about 60mph the car cut out dead with all the symptoms of a cambelt failure, all the dash lights came on, oh =hit, i reluctantly tried to start the car waiting for the clanking of pistons meeting valves but not the case, it started and ran for another 20 mile or so.
At this point i must point out i have been in thr garage trade fo well over 20 years and i am normaly the one that people come running to for help, i did all the normal things like fuel up even though the gauge was half full, check all conections for tightness and hed for home again. The car was very scarey to drive and i figured if was going at a good speed i would have roling distance to find a safe resting place for my next breakdown, it never did! but you can only drive at 90 + for so long before a different form of trouble comes, home safe, and time for reserch.
Fuel filter was first, no good! quick look at codes using the latest volvo singing and dancing reader, came up airflow meter (i dont think so i thought) but independant volvo man in tamworth area asured me, broke down just down the road, MONEY BACK.
Help came on the internet as someone had the same problem, Answer get the ecu upgraded at a main dealer, i did in coventry cost just over £60 job done, ran like a different car for abour 1200 miles then the fault came back, then back to volvo they said the problem was the throtle body on the engine and quoted me £180 ish, they rang
me and explained there was no throtle body on my car as it was a d5 (i told them it was and its on there computer silly billys) but the great news is that they fixed my car and traced it to a faulty fuel relay and bad wiring in the fuse box under the bonnet, im happy and i dearly hope this helps someone els if it does please reply many thanks to all..

regards and happy christmas to all volvo drivers.

Portacabin1 (Ellery)

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