96 2.1 td fuel injection problem - Peter.N.
I recently bought a 2.1td manual hatch, initially for spares as it needed a clutch, but it was in such good condition that I decided to repair it which I have. The previous owned said he had the injection pump overhauled (Bosch mechanical) The first thing I noticed when driving it was a very loud diesel knock, although it drove OK apart from a little smoke at full throttle at around 2000 rpm. I concluded tthat the pump timing was over advanced and retarded it about 1/16", it now sounds much better and the performance is relativly unaffected, but it still smokes. I have two similar estates, the performance is about the same, although I would have expected the hatch to be better as its lighter. Apart from the smoke, the only difference is lack of the usual low down torque, below 1800 rpm, which these engines are famed for. Although the engine sounds OK at higher revs, it is quieter at tickover than the others, suggesting that it is retarded at that speed. After all that, my question is, could the advance curve be wrong, is it adjustable, could it be set up incorrectly?

Thanks in anticipation


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