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Porsche quality - Springhead
For anyone contemplating owning a Porsche my experience may be worth considering.

I took delivery of my first Porsche, a new Cayman S in July 2006. After becoming familiar with the vehicle, but within the first 3 months, I became aware of a rattle from the rear near side corner, occurring at around 3000rpm in 6th gear but evident from 60 - 80 mph. Over the next 15 months I returned the vehicle at least 4 times to Porsche because they had failed to identify or rectify the fault. In the end they said the problem was being caused by the rear tailgate struts but even replacing them failed to rectify the problem. Why it should only occur on one side they couldn't explain. When I suggested that the car should be rejected as fundamentally flawed they said that the fault was 'characteristic' and so there was no fault to answer for.
I do not accept that a near £50,000 car should suffer from a rattle, and to suggest that it's 'characteristic' rather undermines the Porsche reputation for excellent engineering.
With only a 2 year guarantee, and this rather tainted experience, I decided I could not face life with a Porsche outside of the guarantee period, and have just sold the vehicle.
I would welcome news of anyone who has had a similar experience.
Porsche quality - Downesi1
I sold my 01 Boxster S and replaced it with an old Mercedes C class, enough said really. Also found out today that a work collegues 911's engine has just let go and he faces an 8-10k bill, nice.

Porsche quality - Focus {P}
A couple of years ago a chap at my previous place of work got a Cayman, had lots of problems, but then changed it for a 'proper' 911. Don't know how he is getting on with that.

If anyone would like to lend me any Porsche I'd be happy to try it out and let you know how it goes.
Porsche quality - Avant
With luck the economic downturn and falling sales may persuade Porsche to increase their arrogant 2-year warranty to 3.
Porsche quality - Bill Payer
Their sales being down 50% last month may encourage them.

To the OP, have a look at the Porsche section on PistonHeads - lots of owners and specialists there who may be better placed to advise.

(You might have to register).

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Porsche quality - movilogo
This thread nicely dovetails with recent "Never meet your heroes" thread.

2-yr warranty simply shows Porsche themselves don't have confidence on their cars :)
Porsche quality - tintin01
I am amazed that Porsche only offer a two year warranty. I had never realised that. It would put me right off straight away. Diahatsu, Hyundai, and I think Kia, are offering 5 year and 7 year warranties now. I know that a Porshe is likely to be a bit more complex than a Kia Cee'd, but still.

Are there any other manufacturers who offer such a short warranty?
Porsche quality - scipi
Cannot speak for the rest of Europe but here in Italy 2 years for:

Porsche, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat (all part of the same group)
Mercedes, Smart
BMW, Mini

as well as a few others. Most offer between 3 - 7 years now including Fiat.
Porsche quality - nick
I think Porsche started to lose the plot on quality, much like Mercedes did, after the 911 993, the last car that had that 'hewn from solid' feel.
Porsche quality - boxsterboy
All Porsches now offer what would have been called 'supercar performance' a few years ago. To expect VW-type running costs/reliability just because of their shared heritage is asking too much.
Porsche quality - mikeyb
Smart still only give 2 years in the UK
Porsche quality - perleman
Porsche offer 2 years because the market accepts it. Similary the Kia or whoever it is, offers 7 years, because the market demands it, who'd buy one otherwise, it's the USP of that product. Of course it will need things done to it during that time, they have clearly factored that into their costings and offset it by future proftability based on market share growth.

You can pay to extend the warranty to 10 years on Porsche, most car manufacturers wouldn't stand by their product that long, yes it's expensive but is low as a proportion of overall ownership costs. Of course some engines go bang, that can happen on many cars though, look at the issues with Vanos on BMW or the issues with VAG 1.8 cam-belts snapping. If you're running a modern Porsche and spending £2k-£3k a year on running costs, £8k for a new engine isn't such a big deal, if that freeks you out buy a Honda. It's all relative.

Going back to the OP, to sell the car because of an undiagnosed rattle is ridiculous bloodyminded stupidity. The next owner will buy it for half the new cost, probably get the rattle sorted at a decent indi for £100. It was probably just a loose heat-shield worth £20. Just like any manufacturer, dealership quality varies - even though it shouldn't when you spend so much, there are good and bad businesses out there. Why didn't the OP try somewhere else? I can't believe it, talk about overeaction.

I'd take this with a large pinch of salt as a indicator of Porsche quality, I use my Boxster as a daily driver for 1250 miles a month & it's over 10 years old, apart from a new battery & radiator this year it hasn't needed anything doing. Like everything in life, you need to be realistic, how many people on heree have had a problem one garage couldn't diagnose that another garage could.

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Porsche quality - Bagpuss
Not really relevant to the OP's problem, but I was completely put off the Cayman when I read a road test by Jeremy Clarkson where he was positive about the driving experience but insisted on referring to it as the "Gayman".
Porsche quality - Pugugly
Bagpuss - that says rather more about him than people he stereotypes however tongue in cheek.
Porsche quality - Avant
"Porsche offer 2 years because the market accepts it. "

The point that we were making - a few months ago so even more so now - is that the market, if it has any sense, won't accept it for much longer.
Porsche quality - perleman
It will never bother people who are spending north of 50k on a car, most new buyers are absolutely loaded and just wouldn't care about a few big bills. My Boxster was serviced at Porsche for it's first 9 years, and the charges are fairly astronomical compared to a more normal car, probably about £1.5-£2k a year. But the guy I bought it from had one of the largest houses I have ever been in, in Chiswick, and was replacing it with another brand new one for 55k, withough a care in the world as to whether the warranty was 2 or 3 years!
Porsche quality - Lud
I must agree with perleman. The OP probably bought a Porsche because he thought he ought to rather than because he wanted one or knew what to do with it. His post is the most pathetic admission of automotive idiocy I can remember seeing on this site (although there have been others).
Porsche quality - bradgate
I also agree with Lud and perleman.

I don't wish to be gratuitously offensive to the OP but getting rid of, and presumably incurring a large financial loss on, a Porsche because of a trivial elusive rattle is the single daftest thing I have ever read on this forum.

There's an old saying about a fool and his money...
Porsche quality - hcm
I disagree.

A rattle or knock can be incredibly annoying; for some people it isn't something that can be ignored. Our second car for doing the station run and carrying wet dogs is a 7 year old Nissan (£2500 18 months ago) that has no knocks or rattles.

If I had the money to buy a Porsche I would expect silence and as a previous post has pointed out, if you have the money to buy a Porsche you can probably handle the hit of selling it.

The OP's rattle will have been caused by something - Porsche in this case didn't find it and seem to have lost a customer. That's the daft thing.

Porsche quality - bradgate
ho chi minh,

I hear what you're saying. If i had spent #50k on a Porsche which rattled and the useless dealer couldn't fix it, I wouldn't be best pleased, either.

But getting rid of the car for that reason? How can it possibly make any sense to do that, especially if you are enjoying driving the thing?

I guess some people are inclined to obsess about details and overreact to minor things, have difficulty keeping trivialities in proportion and struggle to maintain a sense of perspective.

Porsche quality - hcm
I do see your point. My wet dogs and I could live, just, with a rattling Porsche. Shame he's got rid of it as I could have done a swap for my faithful Nissan.
Porsche quality - motorprop
when I hired a Golf at Munich airport a few years ago, I was given a map showing where the car can't be driven. It was basically all of Eastern Europe + plus Italy. I think this is related to shorter warantees in Italy .....
Porsche quality - Armitage Shanks {p}
The restriction you mention is more usually applied to high value cars becuase of the perceieved risk of theft in those areas. Was yours top of the range Golf?
Porsche quality - motorprop
No, bog standard manual. I ordered an A2 Audi as I was thinking of buying one - a long return drive to the French Alps beckoned - alas they only had the Golf available.

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