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I have a 98 2.0TD Primera, and have recently bought new front pads and discs from Partco.

I have a nagging feeling that they have supplied the wrong pads, as I am sure they don't look the same as when I replaced them last time.

What worries me is very quick look the parts guy had at the Lucas catalogue before he disappeared into the stores, and that I have been quoted two different prices by two branches.

If anyone has access to a Lucas catalogue (why isn't it online?, Mintex's one is), please can you check the following part numbers.

Front Pads GDB3168
Front Discs DF2591T

Last thing I want to do on Sunday morning is to take the car apart, only for them not to fit!
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If they fit they are probably correct.There are only about 50 pad patterns for every car on the road .The pads in my explorer front fit over 275 different makes and models.I had some pads left over from a 60s fiat they are the same as a 2000 pug,citoen,ford,fiat,gm.and thats just skimming through the pattern book.
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Not quite an answer to your question, but there has been discussion on the forum recently re aftermarket btake pads. A number of people have noted poorer performance after fitting pads such as these. As they are so critical to safety, suggest you stick with Nissan pads, then you know you have the right part. If you're not sure about them, take them back & get the real things from a dealer.
Lucas Brake Parts - Carl
Nissan Brake Pads are really Lucas, but in different box and £7 more expensive !!

Similarly, Lucas discs are £18 each cheaper, than the same item but in a Nissan box

I bought the pads near where I work, and are now on two weeks leave. I don't really want to drive back there, which is why I am asking if someone has access to a Lucas catalogue to check if they are the right parts.
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Nissan Brake Pads are really Lucas, but in different box and
£7 more expensive !!

Nobody ever beleives that, do they! My motorcycle oil filters are made in the same factory wether pattern or Genuine.

The part numbers are almost identical too. The only difference being one is designated 'G' and one 'P'. It doesn't take a genius to figure that the G is for Genuine and the P for pattern!

Sadly the patterns aren't any cheaper either. ;-(

Parp, Parp!
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Just checked the Lucas catalogue I keep in the office. Both numbers are right.


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Cheers, nothing worse than taking something apart, only for the new parts not to fit
Lucas Brake Parts - Carl
Guess what, the pads don't fit. Ended up going to a local parts factor on Sunday morning, looked in his catalogue and the pads listed from my car are the same as Lucas i.e. don't fit.

Not to be beaten, the parts guy took out all his Primera brake pads and compared them against one of my orginal set that I had brought with me. Turns out that pads from the previous model fit, guess they had some old brake calipers left over in the factory.

New pads are supplied with anti rattle shims which have a self adhesive backing, so I did not use any copper grease. I now get a ringing noise (like someone rubbing a wine glass) every now and then, and faint rubbling noise that I did not have before.

What are you suggestions?, the pads and discs have only been on for 70 miles and are not therefore bedded in. I rechecked all the guide pin torque settings tonight, checked that spash shield is not touching the disc, and noticed that the glue on the back of the pads had melted, which I guess it's designed to do

Is it worth taking the pads out, and coating the backs of the pads, and the contact surfaces with the brake caliper with copper grease after all?
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Nissan make great cars but love to mix and match their brake componants, my Primera 2.00 ABS petrol auto has 2.00 diesel non ABS front pads.

The ringing sound you can hear is almost certainly just that! It's likely that the new pads are just touching the rust rings left by the unswept area from the old pads. The noise should fade after a few hundred miles, if not there are garages that have brake disc skimming lathes that only need the wheels and brake calipers to be removed and charge about £25 a disc.
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Seven years old, surely an all time record?