04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Armitage Shanks {p}
Periodically, and only when I have been driving very sedately, some fan in the engine bay runs for about 10 minutes after engine switch off. This is not because the engine is actually overheated but, I think, is something to with the awful Particulate Filter! Is it giving itself a regenerate while the engine is off and needing cooling while it is doing it, even with the engine off? It has done it since the 2nd day after I collected the car 4 years ago. It is not causing me any anxiety but, as a technically minded person, I would like to know what is going on, please! Screwloose - are you there?
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Screwloose

Yes; it would appear that versions of the software on the 1.6 do use the fan as extra engine load [along with the HRW and the heated mirrors] and it will run post-stop to cool the glowing FAP if the re-gen process is aborted. [No re-gen without the engine running.]

The parameters for regeneration are verging on the desperate now; so it could still have instigated the 30-minute re-gen process even if you had been "driving sedately."
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Armitage Shanks {p}
My thanks as always Screwloose. You are unrivalled source of really good info!
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Matt307
Being non technical, I wonder if one of you could offer me some help??

I have a 54 1.6 hdi and the cooling fans stay on for approx 10mins after i swtich off the ignition, on hot days or when i have been driving slightly hard.

I realise this may just be normal, though the length of time (10mins) and the noise level (smooth, but really quite loud) make me think, is this okay??

Any help would be great.


04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - 307fan
have you found a solution to this problem? I have the same problem but it is flattening the battery
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Screwloose

It's not a fault - merely an unwanted side-effect of the particle filter trying to regenerate at an unwise moment.

If it's flattening the battery; get a dealer to fit a new one - it's a dangerous process.
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - marleyutd

I have an 05 plate peugeot which has the above problem, I now have to disconnect the battery every time it comes on to avoid the battery draining. Am I better just replacing the battery again?

04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - 307nPray
Hi Screw Loose,
another newcomer to this forum...
i read with interest, or maybe it's fear, all the FAP issues relating to 307's.
no warning lights yet for me... 6 weeks after purcashing a 307 1.6 (110) HDI 54... and long may it stay so .... :-)

but... and there always seems to be one with French cars, i have noticed the regular fan run-on when switching off the engine.
From what you been saying this is probaly linked to FAP regen cooling.
Firstly could you confirm the 'HZC' in my VIN sentences me to this potential 'minefield' of expensive problems?
secondly the fan (general coolant type, i presume?) seems to be on and off, on a regular basis, both with the engine on and off, long and short trips. Is that normal... what sort of frequency would you expect? It doesn't seem to corespond to any particular temp on the guage (that never reaches above 80... so far).
my 307 was serviced by a Pug main dealer at 52k (no details), before i purchased it from a local independant (low knowledge) dealer @ 61k (now @ 62.5k). fuel ecomony is currently avg 55mpg for a variety of use, according to the comp.

unless i get any warnings, it sounds like it will need a new/recon filter @ £72k and re-fill?
... am i reading that correctly... or is the fan issue likely to be another unofficial warning ref that 'wonderful' main dealer profit generating FAP system?

very grateful for your help and time, as many other Pug owners seem to be.


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04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Jenny2913
My 307 has the fan running after switch off occaisionally. I only drive 6 miles to work. Sounds like the FAP is regenerating ( or trying to ). How far/how long should I drive to let it regenerate? And how often?
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
The HZ gives it away it should have a 9 in front of it.

Your 307 takes 3 litres of an additive called Eloys 172 which at the moment is only available from Peugeot as far as I know about £80. The filter is a lot cheaper than it used to be. Any garage with a Snap On scanner(plus others with the right equipment) will be able to reset the additive settings afterwards IF they know what they are doing.
04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - Gregory II

Would this relate to the problem my friend has whereby his fan doesn't switch on on what is ultimately the same engine? Thanks

04 1.6 Cooling fan runs after switch off - mukki

problem i am having is antipollution fault and a beep everytime i start my 04 1.6hdi 307, engine warning light constantly on, and fan stays running for 10mins everytime i switch the engine off

got it checked in a peugeot garage about 2 months ago, who topped up the additive tank and ran a regen, he said the egr valve might need to be changed too, but at a cost of €700 i'll try to avoid that

engine is working perfectly i drove well over 400km on motorway last week an no problems accelerating to 120kmph(maybe even 130ish) even up hills


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