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VW Golf poor suspension? - Jon Dean
Calling all Golf (TDI in particular) Drivers.

My company runs a couple of 51 reg Golf SE TDI's (100bhp).
Both drivers are complaining of incredibly bouncey front suspension. One has clouted a cats eye in the bottom of a dip recently, the other had a minor off road excursion recently due to excessive bounce.
Both cars have been serviced recently (10K @ 3 months old) and VW were told to investigate - No fault found..(no suprises there then).

I have heard a rumour that VW are having problems with these diesel cars and damage to the underside of the engine bay. On mine the belly pan is ripped where it covers the sump.

These are treated as rep-mobiles ( ie 800-1000 miles a week - mostly motorway miles)
Previous cars where a t reg 2.0LS Vectra and a r reg Peugeot 406 1.8 - (not exactly known for amazing handling.)

Anyone else having similar problems?

Anyone else complained to VW?

Help us please......

VW Golf poor suspension? - Jon Dean
thanks for replying, doesnt matter any longer as an HGV pulled out in front of me at 90 on monday.... suffice to say 1 less golf on the road.
VW Golf poor suspension? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I think that being able to tell us about it is a good enough reason to stick with VW. Anyone tried that in a Citroen?

My Mark IV Golf SDI seemed to have a rather low ground clearance at the front - perhaps the PDI does/did as well? It is a poor setup that allows a car to hit the road before the bump stops.
My current ,Passat, PDI 100 is a litle bit woolly but handles a great deal better than the Golf ever did.And the ground clearance is better.


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